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there is this kid in my church... he knows almost everything that is needed in every occasion on every day. Sound ok? it isnt! He knows how smart he is with the hymns so he never lets anyone lead, if someone is leading, he'll take over, and never offers to let anyone do anything. He hogs everything and is an obnoxious kid. I am 4 years younger he is 18. what do i do... if im leading he takes the mic away or tells me to stop and makes up his own tune so nobody can follow


  • As irritating as this situation certainly seems to be, you are being given a wonderful opportunity to practise humility, to step back and let another person come forward, even if he isn't being humble about it. Show this person love and patience, perhaps ask if he can teach you some things. Keep in mind that all things happen for our salvation, especially the things that get under our skin and seem to be unfair. You don't need to be in competition with this person and you need to allow him to flourish and encourage him in his gifts......even if he drives you crazy :)

    God be with you.

  • mate being a Deacon myself, ive seen this many times, just be simple about it, let it slide and dont worry, and dont think for a second that the congregation doesnt see that, the poor kid will cum to hes senses eventually, and the older deacons will have a chat with him, trust me, just be simple and be humble, and dont let him distract u from wats important, the litergy and the meaning of wats coming out of ur mouth.
    God will look after u my friend.
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