y did jesus get baptised?

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if jesus was sinless y then did he choose baptism?
some answers i was told is that jhon was reluctant to babtise him so this shows he didnt need to, he just wanted to show us the way. I just wanted to know if theres any other reason, considering my source that i got this from is catholic.


  • Hey, don't forget that during baptism, The Holy Spirit came down and a voice was heard from Heaven saying, "This is my beloved Son, of whom I'm well pleased."

    This showed to the whole world that God testified of Christ. The more reasons to believe in Him, RIGHT? Also, how can Christ say that we have to get baptised, yet He doesn't show us by His actions? He practices everything that He told us to do.

    +God bless you+
  • So we can learn from him and get baptized ourselves
  • lol servant of jesus i was going to say exactly the same words

  • its just like asking hwo coem he got bron in a manger.... u neo stuff poor people do, dats the sam3
    he wanted to show us hwo he is like us in a way

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  • He also didn't need to fast but did it to set an example. Didn't need to be circomsized, but did it to set an example, etc... Alot of the things Jesus did was to set an example and to show us what and we should do and follow His footsteps. He couldn't tell us ot fast, when He didn't fast, etc... He is Leading by example.
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    You are absolutely right, Awad. The Lord jesus is sinless so He didn't have to be baptized by St John. St John's baptism is not our Sacrament of Baptism. John's baptism was ONLY for the remission of sins. Many Protestants use John's baptism as a reason for not believing in infant baptism. But John's wasn't the Holy Sacrament of Baptism. The Christian Sacrament not only remits sin but also UNITES us to Christ. The Christian Sacrament baptizes us with the Holy Spirit as well: " I indeed baptized you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit, (Mark 1:8 NKJV)". So we see St John himself differentiating his baptism ministry with the true Sacrament of Christian Baptism that the Lord Jesus institutes in the Church Matthew 28:19.

    So why did He do it? He did it to show God's righteousness, It was symbolic of His Ascension since the exact Greek word (anabaino) is used also in John 3:13, Acts 2:34, Epehsian 4:8-10. The Church Fathers taught that in coming up, He lifts the world with Him. Also His baptism was a foreshadowing of the Transfiguration when Moses and Elijah appeared beside Him in front of the Apostles (Matthew 17:1-8) showing His Divinity. Here at His Baptism its another declaration of His Divinity since the Father and the Holy Spirit appear showing us the Holy Trinity.

    So, the Lord Jesus didn't have to be baptized, but He did it anyway to give us an example of obedience to God (righteousness), it benefitted the world for it pre-figured the Holy Sacrament of Baptism, it also pre-figured His Transfiguraton and Ascension and finally declared His Divinity. My explanation is by no means comlete since i really know very little ....so please correct my errors and add on to this thread and i hope my "2 cents" helped... ;D

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  • thanks alot that clarified some points.
  • hey you just said Jesus got circumsised to show us an example, but we dont get circumsised
  • I think Jesus got circumsised to show us that he is following the rules of the Jewish law...becuase he was born as a Jew, and if I am not mistaken I think that Jewish people have to get circumsised. So I think Jesus did it more to teach us that we have to follow the rules and the law of the place we live in...it goes more to that verse... Then he said to them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's.â€? Matthew 22:21. What I am saying is it's more of teaching us to follow the rules, than setting an example.
    God BLess,
  • Jesus got baptized and circumcised to fulfill the law. He wouldn't have been able to teach ‎the Jews if he didn't fulfill their law and tradition. It is kind of like stooping down to their ‎level. ‎
    Also, circumcision was a promise or a covenant made between God and Abraham that ‎from Abraham's offspring (Isaac) Christ will come and save the world. So it was to ‎reinforce that covenant. ‎
    Finally, He wanted to fulfill all the Mosaic Law because He said that he came to finish ‎not to overthrow the old testament. ‎
    Circumcision is replaced with baptism in the new testament.‎
  • but didn't he also do it to set an example 2 the ppl ???
  • jesus getting circumsiesed has nuttin to do w setting us an example i believe
    it was a jewinsh tradition, jesus changed everything
    this was a covenant between god and the jews
    jesus is the new covenant
  • no, i mean Jesus being baptized
  • I believe there is a verse that says that he did it to complete all rightousness. Can't remember where that verse is
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    Happy Epiphany to all!!!

    Dear Angel of God..... my previous post in this thread says the Lord jesus also did it as an example for us to follow.
    Dear Copticboy..... the verse you refer too is Matthew 3:15.

    Starting with verse 14:

    " And John tried to prevent Him [from being baptized], saying,'I need to be baptized by You and You are coming to me?' [verse15] But Jesus answered and said to him,'Permit to be so now, for thus it is fitting for us to fulifill all righteousness.' Then He allowed him".

    Hope this helps.... ;)! God bless you.
  • o, sry angel of god,
    innocent mistake i promise
  • Basically, Jesus didn't need to be baptized. But because He wanted to show us the proper way, He had to get baptized.

    Did He need to get baptized and to start His life from scratch? Not at all. He did that because as He came out of the water, He took the sins of the world on His shoulders, and got crucified to redeem the world and allow it to start over again.

    God bless,
  • i agree too ;D
  • i didnt have time or patience to read the previous posts so im sorry if this is a repeat... He was setting an example for what we shud do...and we do!!
  • about the whole circumsion thing do orthodox people practice it because i know that for health issues its acctualy a good thing.
  • Maria...
    yup, as far as i know, coptic boys do get circumsized.... it's healtheir that way....

    take care and God bless
  • ok i didn't read wut u guys wrote but i believe Jesus got baptized to set an example for us... ya thats all i have to say.. o plus it was a very important event.. bcz the son (word of God), God (the father), and the holy spirt (the Dove)... so ya hope i didn't sound repeative...

  • You had my point rina. God was also baptized to show us the trinity. The Father ( who spoke "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased") The son (who was being baptized) and the holy spirit proceeding from the father.
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