Easter for Teens/ young adults

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In the name of the Holy Father, and the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit One God Amen

Kyrielison everyone,

Every year for the Sunday School lesson for Holy Easter we just read passages from the Holy Bible about Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's Resurrection.

What could we do differently that could make it more personal or better for the teens/ young adults?

We had an awesome play last year thanks be to God but
what kind of discussion could we have for Holy Easter, that would interest teens/young adults?  [b]
For example this one is a little generic but...
" How do you feel personally about Holy Easter? "

I know you all have better ones,

May God bless you on this Holiest week and help you to answer this question


  • i would ask 'how do you (or how would you) explain about the death and resurrection of Jesus to someone who is not a Christian?'
    this way you can check any gaps in their knowledge plus have a discussion about why it's important to share our faith.
  • Most importantly, I would get rid of the word "Easter", and emphasize the word "Resurrection".  The word "Easter" is annoying, inappropriate, pagan, and not at all associated with the Glorious Event of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
  • good point, so how do you say 'happy Pascha?' do you say 'happy resurrection feast' or what?
    i already know how to say it in arabic, i'm really looking for a better way to say 'happy easter'.
  • I'm not sure about the hangup with 'Easter'? It is the English word for Pascha. It's origins are irrelevant and usually made up by Bede and later, often Protestant, writers.

    We will have to get rid of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday too,

    and January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August.

    Would we stop using Coptic chant because its origins are in pagan Egyptian culture, or even the Coptic language which derives from the pagan language of Egypt? What about the month names of the Coptic calendar? Most of the months are named after pagan gods.

    For an English person the word 'Easter' is entirely associated with the feast of the Resurrection.

    Father Peter
  • ok, father, i am sure you know more about it than i do!
    i will take your advice  :)
  • Thank you, mabsoota
    any other ideas?
    May God Bless
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