must a saint be gone for 50 years before put in church?

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must a saint be gone for 50 years before put in church?
someone told me yes, i asked this about popekyrillos, however in a picture of him, he is in a church and in the backround is a picture of him and st. mina,
this is odd but u see pics of pope shenouda in church all the time,
what i figured was that its ok just not in the actual place of mass, however this one church i went to had his pic, pretty close to the altar, and in the pic i was referring to before, p. k. had the censor in his hand, so wouldnt he be in the alter area?


  • There's pics of individuals who passed away in church many times who aren't necessarily declared saints. What is meant are the church icons that are usually all around the church on the wall and sometimes a small shoryas are protrayed infront of them.. normal pictures aren't a big deal. Pope kyrillos should be declared a saint pretty soon... ;)
    (around 20 years)
  • yes... they have to wait 50 years... pope Kyrillos, is not considered to be a saint in the church.... but he is a Saint, to us all. like many saints, who were in the late 1900s, abouna Bishoy Kamel is not a Saint yet in the church... but he will be, I am sure of it. people put their pics in church, I don’t know why... but for me I actually enjoy it because I meditate on them....
  • thanks guys, i thought that too servant of jesus but i wanted to clarify. i think u told me that once when u were lecturing me about the pic.
    lol hey that would make me 35, thats grose, but i suppose its not too far. o and one more thing!!!!!!
    i almost forgot, about hh pope shenouda, arent there already churches named after him? i suppose that has nothing to do with being a saint, wait a moment that might be different pope shenoudas, after all he is the ill look up my sources, till then let me know.
  • NO CHURCH IS NAMED AFTER POPE SHENOUDA III, I am sure of that... there is saint Shenouda the arch.
  • yea bishoy's's most definitely wrong because he's not a saint (yet) and no church can be named after an individual whos alive because that's a stumbling block to that person because they are still part of the struggling church thus making them on the same level as we all are but perhaps more succesful (in this case ofcourse)..the individual may be a saint on earth but having a church named after them may be a source of pride. Sorry, I was a bit confusing but I hope you get the point. God bless.
  • do u gusy think pope shenouda will become a saint?? nto alll popes become saints

    may his blessings be with us amen.

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  • i don't think you have to literally wait for 50 yrs for someone to become a saint. i mean if u think that pope kyrillos is a saint then go ahead. i'm not trying to sound mean but that's what i think cuz i had the same feeling about hg bishop karas. well i hoped that helped
  • I dont think so eithier, no offense or nothin he changed some un nessacry rules

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  • a person can be declared a saint even when on earth, but the whole "50yr rule" thing is about the synaxarium and the mass.
    i believe it is that only when a saint has been departed for 50 years, then their story can be published in the synaxarium and mentioned in the 'commemeration of the saints' during the mass. that's where the 50yr wait comes in.
    however, we live among many saints that even perform miracles so the title 'saint' can be declared during any time....
    hope this helps...
    take care all
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