Please help...

I am unable to start a new topic on forms, I can reply, but unable to start a new topic.


  • Go the section of the forum you want to post and then clcik on "New Topic" that appears on the right side..look below

      Mark Read  |  Notify  |  New Topic  |  Post new poll
  • Hey,
    You just started a new thread here?!
  • Hey! Unfortuneatly it's still not working! I did try your advice (thank you by the way). I still need help! I don't KNOW why I am able to start a new post here and only reply on forms! Moderator can you please help, if not can you please delete this account and then I will sign in a new account. God Bless

    Please pray for me.
  • Thank you! I finally figured out what was wrong, it was an error on my part, I didn't really try to start new posts! Sorry, for the false alarm! God bless, please pray for me.
  • [quote author=Selah link=topic=9035.msg112557#msg112557 date=1269915095]
    You just started a new thread here?!

    looool,that was a smart and also funny reply. I could not have thought it.

    Anyways, our friend has it finally tackled!
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