Penecost Psalmody

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Hi everyone,

Happy Palm Sunday!  Just to look ahead a little here, does anyone know where I could get the psalmody for pentecost? I need it in arabic and english if available.

Thank you so much. God Bless!


  • Check st george and st. shenouda's church in NJ they have presentations, you might find it on there.
  • Thank you so much for your help!

    Mozes, I opened those files but, in all honesty, I'm not even sure if they're the right ones because I don't remember the Penecost Psalmody at all. Abouna told me that there was a different one for each week, I think... it was too loud when he was talking so I'm not sure if I even heard him correctly.

    jydeacon, I think I found it on that website, but it wouldn't open. After I downloaded the folder and tried to click it, I got a pop up that said "Analyzing the environment" and stayed at 0%. I tried a different file that worked so I know it's not my computer... any ideas?

  • marmoura, I checked the site that jydeacon gave.Downloaded Pentecost menu to see what it is all would not open..the reason may be, I am using a university library computer and they generally do allow to download stuff.For this file, it said..'not allowed'..lucifer in the work ehyy or the file is damaged? Wait for the deacons until they come back from the evening pascha..only 2 min to live online..
  • haha sounds good... thank you so much for your help, Mozes!
  • Please I really need this.. does anyone have any idea where I could find it?

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