Hear My Cry

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I just wanted to share this:

God Bless.


  • nice tarneema! And you have really a pretty voice  ;)

    God bless
  • aww... thanks marmar! This means the world to me :D

    Does anyone else have any positive criticism, comments, suggestions, or questions?
  • VERY nice song
    Keep it up
    I did not know that we have such talents in Tasbeha
    Good Job

  • Beautiful :) very encouraging and calming
    Make sure you share with us any more that you have!!
  • Very nice, you've got talent. May God bless you and use you for the Glory of His name.
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  • Wow! Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! To be honest, it's not really me that writes these poems but God's grace that works through me. Before I write anything, I pray that God use me to praise His name.

    You know, I have lots of poems, I just don't have music for them! God willing, I'll post links to them when I find out what to do with them :D but honestly, I don't think they're good enough to make into a CD and I feel kind of shy about sharing them most of the time.

    Thank you all so much again... you don't know how much this means to me!

    God Bless.
  • I was think about this and does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make it better?

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  • I really love the words...they're very touching.
    And beautiful voice !
  • haha DimyanCoptic! I think a CD will take a little longer, but I was talking to Abouna and he said he'd like to use them for the Church choir :D I just need to learn how to separate a song's music from its words!

    Copticcross3, thank you so much for your kind words but I can't take all the credit because it was God's grace that was writing through me. Honestly, I just pray and tell God that I want to write a poem for Him, and ask Him to help me out... I don't know how the rest of it happens :D As for the voice, that's also God's, but I'm always surprised when people tell me that I have a nice voice because I don't seem to think so at times!

    Thank you all so much again and please remember me in your prayers.
  • It's very nice and the lyrics are great!
    pls forgive me, I'll be following this post (and the other one) after the Holy Week.

    BTW thanks for Rakoty link.

    Happy Glorious Resurrection Feast.
  • Yeah I have to admit, God did bless you (Glory be to his name) with a talented voice! I pray that he blesses it according to His will, and makes it more prosperous. Haha you must have been shy because your voice went really quiet for some portions of the song -I would definitely be shy if I knew it was going to be on Youtube. Keep up the good work and God bless. 

    Please pray for me.
  • Thank you both so so much! I'm so glad that I can use what God has given me to glorify His Holy name. Please keep praying for me!

    Also, if you know of a program or a way of separating voice from music, please let me know... I really need it so I could put background music to these poems.

    God Bless all of you.
  • nice keep going
  • Happy Glorious Resurrection Feast  :D

    You mentioned a program you have to separate music from voice, what's its name?
    Also, to use it on which song?

  • Hey John,

    Ekhristos Anesti, Alisos Anesti! Happy Resurrection Feast to you too!

    The program I downloaded is Audacity. I also tried KaraFun, KaraFun Editor, and Wave Sound Editor... I think the problem is just that I don't know how to use these programs!

    I wanted to use it on "Enny O7eb al Rab" because that's the tune that I sang it to but I think I have more verses than the actual song does so the middle part would need to be partly repeated somehow too, but I don't know how to do that either :-[

    Any ideas?

    Here's the link to the tarneema:

    Thank you and God Bless.
  • Thanks Marmoura99!

    OK. The following is a general basis, i.e. not a guide to use a specific program yet.
    Now the quality of the Utube videos (and most streaming sound/video) is not high enough - even after you extract its sound in higher quality because it is interpolated from a lower to a higher quality (i.e. not really better quality though it may seem so).

    The 1st thing to have at hand is a good resource for the audio (a good tape, the best is a good original CD) and rip the track as HQ stereo WAV. But I found the tarneema as acceptable quality MP3, here:

    The track is loaded as stereo because the karaoke type programs (for vocal damping/removal) use a technique of comparing the stereo's right and left channels and nullify the voices by subtracting the track's mid frequency ranges so it may work if the range in the mix is optimum for the technique or it may not or it may be incomplete. Furthermore it may destroy part of the music by degrading some instruments whose frequencies lie within the to-be-eliminated areas.

    After the best successful voice removal is reached (many trial and error are usually made) the best thing to do would be by moderately amplifying weakened frequency areas using very sensitive software equalizers (hi-tech hardware is best here - and earlier if possible) and trying to mix the whole correctly.

    For the sake of a better and easier control, in your case it is thus more practical to have the music ready before the singing (music in MP3 or best in midi format .MID: that is the score and also you can chose the instruments and change the tempo, transpose etc.). Then using an audio program to load a track with the music part and use another track(s) to record takes of the singing vocal (save the project for later editing!). At the end of a good/satisfactory take mix down the whole and save as WAV or HQ MP3 (that's the simplest method).

    Luckily I found the music as MP3 but instruments are a bit different. The saxophone plays the solo vocal, it can sit in the song but if possible decrease its gain (with the equalizer).

    This music part is found here:

    This free program 'Best Practice' helps a lot to alter the original tempo and may remove vocals from the original (it also has many more functions):

    To be able to 'reuse' parts of the music the file must be neatly cut/divided into smaller music pieces (though logical musically) so that they would be freely re-arranged the way you want using as many piece instances as needed. This is done by adding different pieces in a track or spanning the mix over many tracks. The last step is like a mix-down (see above).

    Using Audacity to remove vocals from tracks (found by Utube search):

    Good luck - let me know what happens.
  • Thanks John! wow... it seems like you really researched this for me :)

    I'll try this later tonight though it seems quite complicated for my technologically challenged abilities so it may take a few tries before I get it right.

    For the audacity, I did all the steps before but it just took out the whole song. I think it's like you were saying that it's low quality and that's why. Do you think that if I use the recording from my computer it would work? I don't have any other recording device.

    The versions of the tarneema that you found are very nice, but they don't have an intro.. they just start so I'm not sure if I can use them for this purpose. Thank you for finding them for me, though.

    How can I cut the music? Do I do it before or after the voice removal?

    Thank again for all your hard work. May God reward you and bless you!
  • Hey John,

    Sorry to bother you again, but I tried to download the "Best Practice" program and it said that I have to download or upgrade an additional 31 programs. I cancelled the download because I was afraid it might ruin my computer. Have you personally tried it before?

    Thanks again!
  • Yes of course I've tried the program if I didn't I'd had said so.

    You're right to postpone this installation but I cannot help you any further unless I have more details what Windows u have and what are these extra downloads, because these additional things weren't requested when I installed it. It did install smoothly on a Windows XP SP3 OS.

    To cut an MP3 I used this one:

  • Hey John,

    I hope you weren't offended by my asking if you'd tried the program before. I know you mean well, but some people suggest things based on what they've heard and not always what they've tried, and if something had gone wrong, I wouldn't know how to fix it!

    Since you've tried it, I'll install it probably after exams along with the cutter one :)

    Thanks again and God Bless!
  • Just a quick reply to assure you I'm not offended whatsoever  :D

    It is wiser to do this sound project later esp. if there are more urgent things that won't wait (priorities 1st) plus these programs consume time till results are right.

    So study well and good luck!
  • Your voice is just lovely, that is truly how to use your talents :) well done!
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