Genesis 8

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1. Why is the raven referred to as an object ("it"), while the dove is feminized ("she" or "her")? (v. 7-12)

2. When it says "every living thing" (v. 1), does that mean all plant species as well? If not and God only created once, then how did these plant species survive the great flood?


  • When I was young I was fascinated how a plant would grow out of nowhere in an arid desert for ex. or in very cold polar areas etc. Someone showed me how after a small rain fall in a very dry arid area many creatures including plants do grow in record time and may have a fast life cycle most of them being highly adapted to the difficult environment.

    Actually plants have seeds that are buried in the ground and many kinds do float, other kinds can be restored by vegetative growth from cut pieces, so it is not surprising to deduce that many kinds of plants perished but many other kinds survived via their seeds. When the land dried the seeds grew into new trees/plants again.... (what's the age of the oldest living tree?) Plus many are aquatic plants and these are expected to have survived the flood water even better than the land ones.

  • A little note: I think it is considered in the Scriptures that plants are not equally alive as animals and man. It is written in the English Bibles that they 'wither' (instead of saying they 'die').

    It is an out of topic detail!

  • that is a good point that you bring up actually. Thank you!
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