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I have this sin i comit way too often. First i started then i was like ok... im gonna stop, then it was like im gonna confes and stop, then it was like ok Nativity fast starting im gonna stop, now its like 7-4 is gonna keep me in line, now im thinkin ok new years resolution but looking at wat happened, its fair to say that that isnt gonna work... i love God and go to 7-4 every week, wake up early for anything, and dont sin often (except swearing :-[) so i dunno wat to do... i do it and im like ok never again this is stupid y do i do it and realize its dumb. then i do it again and its like a circle that never ends. HELP!


  • we all have that problem where we fall into sin over and over again and tell ourselves we'll stop, and we dont end up stopping because of our weaknesses. it is good to hear that you attend 7-4 and go to church and all, but I'm guessing that's not enough. one thing I've been told by my father of confession is to pray about it, and dedicate the fast to improving that sin. ask for God's help and guidance in prayer to give you His strength to overcome this weakness, for He tells us: "My grace is sufficient for you, My strength is made perfect in weakness." 2Cor 12:9. we'll use His perfect strength intime of weakness.

    a good habit to get into would be to recite the Jesus Prayer (which is "Lord Jesus Christ, Have Mercy On Me" )and whenever you feel the temptation of this sin coming at you, immediately start saying the Jesus Prayer over and over again, then you'll notice you're too caught up in the prayer to bother with the sin, as well, when the Lord hears you calling His name, He will without a doubt come to your aid. satan cant handle being around those who call unto His name.

    may God help you with your struggle and strengthen you, and dont stop trying because that's what satan wants you to do, he wants you to think you cant, so you might as well move on.

    no one can overcome sin without Gods Grace, so first and formost be sure to ask Him for help.
  • Hey...good question. First thing you must know, is that you are not alone in this. We all have something that we struggle with repeatedly, and fall into over and over again. Do not be discouraged. Even our beloved St. Paul talked of how he did things he did not want to do.

    Second thing, I think it is hard, quite impossible to overcome the sin by thinking that you must overcome it :). See, it all depends on where your focus is. By working on overcoming the sin, your focus is on the sin, and then you are guaranteed to fall.

    Focus on Jesus Christ and His amazing love for you (even though you sin), and get closer to Him, focus on loving Him. Think of the wonderful things He has done for you, and how much wonderful things He has in store for you.

    Remember when St Peter was walking on the water? He was looking at Jesus. He began to sink when he took his eyes off of Christ and looked at the waves. Never take your eyes off of Christ. You see, as you get closer and closer to Christ, something happens inside of you, you experience small transformations, and He helps you overcome the sin. Never take your eyes off of Christ.

    The Jesus prayer is a great way to help as well. Notice, it also takes the focus off of the problem and puts it on Jesus, and our relationship to him.

    Going to church is great, and helps keep you on the path, but that is not all...sometimes we go to church and forget about God ;). Keep your eyes on the only one who loves you and can help you...when the sin presents itself to you, immediately ask for His help, and believe He will help you. Again do not focus on the sin you want to overcome...focus on Him who already overcame sin.

    Keep on fighting the good fight my friend! And know that our Lord is constantly at your side.

    God bless you.

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