Abba Andrawes the Samuelite hymns

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Glory be tho the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit one God. Amen

Hi I watched the video of Abba Andrawes the Samuelite on and i like the hymns alot, two especialy

The one in the 39th minute where he sing "the honest believer has precious joy and the sinner remains in sorrow when Jesus approaches him"

especially the one in the 1 hour 4 minutes that pope Kyrillos VI tells him to sing when he sings "Mariam, tell me of who did crucify your son, the hebrews killed him, raised on a cross up high....Christ my lord stood amid soldiers and officers, the governer asked him and said are you the king of the jews, pontius pilate entered and made an announcement, after much searching, i find no crime in this man, take him yourselves and judge him, because i am innocent of this pious mans blood

Does anybody know those hymns?

Thankyou for helping

Glory to God forever


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