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hello everyone, and God's blessings!

my name is Grace, and i am an evangelical Christian with a great interest in and respect for Orthodoxy.

the traditions, songs, liturgies, and prayers of your faith are very beautiful, and i look forward to learning more about your Christian tradition, and Church.

blessings and peace in the Name of Christ.


  • welcome to this forum, you will find many very interesting discussions.
    please tell us if you have any questions.
    if you seek God with all your heart, He will show you the beauty in the traditions and history of the church. we orthodox don't have everything right, and there are things we can learn from other Christians, but we do have a great tradition of Bible study, prayer, fasting and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. may God guide you in your spiritual journey, and please don't stop searching until you reach your goal. i found the depths of God's love in the orthodox church, may God fill you too.
  • Welcome to the forum :) I am glad you joined all of us in our search to reach the true meaning of orthodoxy
    Please dont hesitate to ask or share your opinion
  • Mabsoota and Fboutros, thank you both very much.

    there is certainly a lot to admire about Orthodoxy- the wealth of theological depth and explaination spanning centuries, the beautiful traditions, hymns, respect for orthopraxy, and many other things.

    i see many Protestant churches ordaining women, getting further and further from Biblical standards, denying Christ in order to please the world, and letting the standards of God slide in order to please modern congregations.

    we are all imperfect and prone to sin, but a church need not sin knowingly. we are supposed to be salt and light, not men-pleasers. i see a lot of respect for tradition and God's Word in Orthodox churches, and that is admirable.

    God bless and keep you both, and thank you for the warm welcome!
  • The orthodox church, with all its traditions and rituals, is "sweet" to the soul. If we follow it and follow its guidance, then God will write our names in the book of life.
    We know that the orthodox ship will always reach its destination (heaven), other ships might try and through God's mercy and justice they might get there but many will go astray.
    Let us all pray for each other and welcome again to the forum :)
  • welcome Grace! Im glad you joined this website  ;D
  • HEY! The church welcomes you with open arms! May God bless us on our journey to find Him, worship Him, and Glorify him with a contrite broken heart.
    Please pray for me.
  • God bless you both, and thank you for the kind welcome! a blessed and prayerful Holy Week to you, too!
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