Fire From The SKy

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hey guys did u hear about the fire falling from the sky in egypt....what happened was there was an attack i fogot were.....muslims killed christians even childern...when the church took them to court they got off scot free...cuz the majority in egypt is muslim...the Pope told us the lawyers to appeal and when that didnt work he said to leave it toGod...the point is fire was falling from the sky onto the homes of those who got off scot free and only there homes....and there is said to be this little girl that goes around and points at the house....that girl was one who was killed...and i mean they were tortures....they slit they eyes and all that horrible stuff....but its amazing to see that God has our backs...but sad to think that even tho miracles happen everyday in front of muslims in egypt yet they are so brain washed they cant see it...its pretty sad!!!


  • theres also this other story about the priest wife that was kidnapped by muslims in egpyt but was brought back...does anyone noe the whole story????
  • it just shows my friend leave revenge to GOd.
  • easier said than
  • but, is God that mean? I thought he loves all, even the sinners.
  • [quote author=socoolbishoy link=board=1;threadid=891;start=0#msg15787 date=1103391490]
    but, is God that mean? I thought he loves all, even the sinners.

    God does love all sinners but he wants to make them stop and believe in him..

    ok 4 all u ppl aut there who wanna kno the news in Egypt.. go to
    its worst than wut everyone thinks.. its really bad out there just look at the pics and u'll wanna juat go out there and kill all these ppl.. and there's also news abt that one lady who was kidnapped.. things are really bad over there :'(

    Rina ;)
  • But to me I can’t imagine God as this mean dude, with fireballs in his hands, and throwing it at the bad people. :o
  • i think its as simple as GOD has to protect those who wants his help because if he doesnt stop them who will....understand that GOD is doing this because he loves us all....dont you think if a muslim sees fire falling from the sky they will stop and see the He is truly God....when they see that he is helping christians that they would want to be one as will...its right in front of there eyes and God is trying to make them believe....and muslims since they are really brainwashed need BIG ACTIONS to be convinced what is true.....thats how i see it.... ;D ;D ;D
  • I recently heard that the priest's wife somehow agreed to convert to islam and even appreared on national television in Egypt confessing that she did convert. After that Pope Shenouda asked that the Christians fast for 3 days in order for the priest's wife to return to Jesus.

    However it is wierd since she is the priest's wife i guess her faith in GOD should be great, or maybe she was simply too pressured by the muslim's threats and converted.

    Let's all just pray for her and hope that she returns back to Jesus. Feel free to comment on this or if there's anything you disagree about.
  • i heard that the priest recently died... :( :( :(
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