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i'm confused about tasbeha. r u supposed to stand up or is it improper to sit down when u're doing tasbeha urself. also when r u supposed to do a metania. ???


  • When ur doing Tasbeha itself, ur supposed to stand. During the 7/4 Mada'e7 u can sit down.

    Note when we start the Midnight praise we say: Ten seeno etc...which calls us to stand up and praise: "Komou ya bani el nour lekay no sabe7 Rab el Kowaat, Arise, O children of the Light, let us praise the Lord of Hosts."
  • hi everyone we want to hear from u
    so when we do the tasbeha we do it in the right way
    another question as ilovethemonastery asked
    about when we supposed to do the matania during the tasbeha

  • are we supposed to do matania's during midnight praise??? ???
    i cannot remember any matania's during Tasbeha, anyone else perhaps?
  • There is three kinds of Matania. One is asking for Forgiveness which we bow down and asks God to forgive and forget our sins. The second kind of matania is to respect a higher rank in the church which we do to Bishops and to the Pop, and this to put ourselves down saying that we respect you. And the final kind of matania is when asking each other for forgiveness, if I know I someone is trouble by me I go and ask that he forgive me and give him/her a matania. And I personally think that the last kind is the hardest.
  • i and ilovethemonastery we meant matenia in tasbeha
    in midnight praise when we do it by ourself when we suppose to do matenia durning tasbeha like in the beginning of each canticle (hoose)
  • i think ilovethemonastery meant matenia in general
  • yeah! youstina04 is right. i meant matena in general. but thanks for answwering it for me.
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