2 Girlfriends!!!!

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Now that i have the attention of all your crazy conservative Egyptian minds, here is the dilemma :D

Not 2 girlfriends, but two friends who happen to be girls.

One of them is a mother. She will be in the hospital all night with her son, who is getting surgery. He is only 4 or 5 years old and this is very nerve-racking for her. Please keep them both in your prayers.

The other is a friend of mine who is actually around my age. Her parents recently divorced. They would still hang out every now and then for about 3 months, until they received a call one night. It was her father, from the airport, telling them that he was moving back to Egypt and that he would never see or talk to them again. This is extremely hard for her, especially the reasons why. The father would go out every night and get drunk. He would also abuse his children (my friend, who is 14, and her sister, who is 9) and beat them senseless. He would do this both when he was drunk and when he wasn't. He would also cheat on his wife. She even warned him that if he kept going out and getting drunk she should stop talking to him, and he kept doing it! One night he beat my friend so bad that she had to run outside while it was snowing and hide in the woods for hours, until her mother called her and told her it was safe to come back in. He also does not attend church and does not take communion. He has little care for his salvation. She is a brilliant girl, straight A student, extremely kind, caring, and makes the best out of everything. Please pray for her, her sister, and her mother as they are going through a very tough time right now. Now that her father is gone their family income has been reduced to half, and their mother works so soo hard to make them happy, and it is especially hard in difficult economic times like this. God bless her soul. Once again please pray for her and her two daughters, who she is now raising as a single mother in a difficult emotional and economic time. please also pray for her father, that he may see the light and get on the right track.

This also reminds me how thankful most of us should be that we have loving, caring parents. Even though I', sure, we all sometimes fight, they truly love us and know and want what is best for us. Most of us take our parents for granted, but as we see here loving parents are a blessing, not a right.

A quote from one of the biggest celebrities on this forum, SuperMAN(BAM):

"neskor Allah, akhadna el baraka!"

Please pray for all of them, as well as I, a sinner.

God bless,



  • akhadna el baraka.... thank you for the kind words...

    for the latter case, every church has a fund for such cases... neshkor Allah, it came from his side, and he's the one that left... so now I don't have to talk about how they can fix things, lol

    so thank God for that... and just bring it up to abouna in case they're embarrassed to tell abouna they're in need! after all this is your job as a deacon.

    you can write their name or PM their names, an I'll put it on the altar tomorrow...

    neshkor Allah, benakhod el baraka!
  • I would go to abouna, but we don't go to the same church. I will PM their names. thank you so much
  • [quote author=SuperMAN(BAM) link=topic=8865.msg111100#msg111100 date=1266882825]
    neshkor Allah, benakhod el baraka!

    haha! i just noticed that!! :D
  • That is quite a tragic story. I think that lots of people who read this were shocked, and did not know how to respond in words. It is difficult to understand how things like that happened when you come from a priveledged background, which I hope most people here are. If not, I know if you let God do so, you can be all the more stronger and thankful.

    I will pray for them- just wondering if I can get just a last name by PM or something?
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