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I have a general question:

What advice would you give for those considering the monastic life? Also, what is daily monastic life like, and what are the requirements for entering the monastery/convent? Are there differences (other than gender obviously) between monasteries and convents in requirements, lifestyle, etc?



  • monastic life, is a lifestyle

    monks work, and have personal time... thats what monks do!

    so monks do daily prayers and meditation... according to their canons, and depends on what lifestyle of the monastery they are in. so in the world focus on your canon agreed by your spiritual guider...

    monks have time in their cells... so turn your room into a cell
    monks have to fast because all the food offered is fasting food... so you fast
    monks have take communion, a specific amount of times, again depends on what lifestyle the monastery is... you do the same
    monks work... help around your house, and your church

    teach yourself not to stop working, read, work, study, work with your talents... finish your degree... work for some years... keep that lifestyle, through that time visit the monastery as much as you can... and if you still want that life... then go and become a monk!

    neskhor Allah, akhadna el baraka
  • Nice Response
    I have also been thinking to join that lifestyle
    May God guide us to his will
  • [quote author=geomike link=topic=8864.msg111155#msg111155 date=1266984803]
    May God guide us to his will

    Amen ya Rab
  • Sorry for got to add, but there a few awesome books about monasticsim which i highly recomend you download and read. They are amazing and very helpful.
  • Thanks i look forward to reading them
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