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is modeling wrong?
as is not lyk on a catwalk but in magazines?
and not lyk bad clothes like, normal guy clothes, and suits and stuff?
i think its wrong for gals, cause they usually model revealing stuff, but guys dont have that problem.

(ps why can gals wear earings? if its wrong to pirce ur body, which i strongly agree with, than why is it ok for gals? wrong for guys, why right for gals?)


  • k so i know its a lame question, but if u must know ive been placed in this situation, ive been offered to model for somethings, but im a deacon, and that always comes first, so would be wrong to do it?
  • hay GJI
    umm if its not revealing stuff ok but if your still lnot too sure bout it then pray and ask God if it is His will (trust me it works) o yer and dont forget to ask ur FOC
    hope it helped

    GBU and may you do the right thing in Gods eyes :D
  • thnx buddy, i mean its no big deal, lyk its not my dream or anything, its just outta the blue... ;) ;)
  • ok ok we need to take time to view things as a whole, relax and look at things simply.

    Modeling: now do u think that modeling in proper clothing in a catilog for shoes is wrong? lets put things in proportion. However lets realise that modeling is a career that may ask alot of u, to get the job, i suppose u may have to do other things or make a pose u are unconfortable in. All in all, its ok, put its best u dont put urself under another person's disposale. U are gods not some guys. U may be pressured to do something or lose ur job.

    I would also like to stress the fact that ur picture in a magazine may not turn out as harmless as u may think. I realy would be careful.

    Earings: Now piercings for looks or crazy styles is not the best thing to do i agree but a single piercing for a grl( and i say grl not because im sexist, but its just tradition i suppose) is ok, but u shouldnt make earrings the center of ur world, i personally havent wore earings for years, however, some do at all times, and untill i was 12, i was like that too, but thats only cauz i had earrings since infancy. Earrings are more like a habit, if u wore them for a while, it a daily thing, if not u dont care.

    What is wrong is to change ur earing each day w ur outfit, its sort of like make up. Its ok in cicumstances, but to make it an idol in a way, by centering it in ur life can lead to sin. It is a base, maybe not harmful but it leads u to be open to sin.
  • ;D

    ve been offered to model for somethings


    If you ever become a famous model and start hangin out with the" rich and famous" could you do me a favor and hook me up with Natalie Portman or Mandy Moore?...LoL...Or maybe Gong Li,Nikole Kidman or,or ;D ;D ;D

    Seriously,God could use you to share the love of Christ with those involved in the modeling industry. Who knows what doors God might open for you.If He tells you to,then walk through those doors with faith and confidence and accomplish great things for God.
  • thnx guys
    awad and franklin really helpfull,
    although i still dont see why its ok for any one to wear earings, even if it is tradition for gals?
    and this modeling thing isnt that big a deal, nothing famous, really small stuff.
    but ur rite i dont wanna get influenced by that world, so maybe its safer to say no, howeva it would be fun, and the pay
    thnx again guys
    plz anymore views?
  • Hey,
    Modeling for regular clothes is okay, theres nothing wrong with it, however, u as the person doiong this have to make sure that it doesnt affect you. Be careful about it because i read before that the devil likes to taunt people with vain glory thus leading u away from God. I dont want to be redundant or anything by repeating myself but if you do model which i think is a great oppertunity... just be careful. God Bless You. By the way, I dont think theres anything wrong with girls wearing earings, in fact, i dont think theres anything wrong with piercings as long as you have a good reason for what, how, why, and WHERE you get them. I think the whole earing thing is more of a cultural thing rather than spiritual. I mean egy guys wearing earings doesnt exactly cut it with the egy parents lol.

    God Bless,

  • Girls are just known for being more decorated than guys are, period. sry :-\

    Anyway, i think you should go for the modeling thing. use your judgement, if its nothing sexual, its probably ok for now. Just don't take it up as a career cuz thats just dangerous. and talk to ur FOC.
  • I don't believe it's wrong but I'd rather stay away from it wether female or male. As someone has probably stated already, your body belongs to Christ not a magazine cover for you to model clothing wether be it revealing or non revealing. God bless.
  • Hey

    I just want to comment on something, did God give you a talent of being beautiful? I’m not joking, God gave everyone a talent and everyone is supposed to use the talent that God gave them. If God gave you beauty than you have to use that talent. However, in a good way, if you do get into modeling than do good things. Meaning don't take bad poses and don't expose your body. Be an example of an Orthodox male and carry Gods precious name.

    If you want to go into modeling then be careful because it’s a job were there is a lot of sin, and you could easily be tempted.

    So take the job and make the orthodox people proud. But again pray first and see if this is something that God wants you to do, and a good way to get an answer would be by praying of course, but another important way like two people have mentioned is by asking your father of confession and taking his advise.

    Oh I just wanted to add one more thing, I too was faced with this modeling problem last year. And it was nothing bad they just wanted my eyes in the Cover girl magazine with their mascara on. But my dad just plain out said, "no" so make sure your parents are okay with your choice. There decision is important too.

    In his name

  • WOW THERES ALOT OF SMART GALS ON THIS SITE, the guys arnt pullin there
    mary thnx heaps, and im really nothing special, i think it was right place right tym sorta thing, i was in this popular shopping centre and an agent saw me, or as they like to call themselves "talent scout" and gave me her card, and said i should condider it, i checked it out its real, but i neva thought of doin somethin lyk that, and as many people im sure will back me up, im not
    but thnx alot mary, u helpped alot, they also offered me to act, but i think thats not safe at all, i mean i do heaps of drama, and ive been in heaps of plays, but tv just isnt safe anymore...
    thanx again.
  • [i]cool down GJI,
    when george was referring to the the ear-rings he was talking about me, and i would like to talk about this gentlemen..

    1. Imagine you had a friend who had something that many people didn't like i.e. ear-rings, and as you two walk down a shopping centre with alot of familiar people you ask him to walk away when being sighted by a known one because you don't want your reputation and integrity to diminish.

    Before i comment on this, i would like you views on it right or wrong?
  • greetings my friend ali, allow me to explain this situation further, my friend ali here recently got earings, which i strongly disagreed with, but its his body and life, now we went out together and i asked him if it were ok with him that if i did she anybody from my church, i.e. respectable elders or youth of the church, (them being egyptian- they wouldnt understand seeing me walking with a guy who has earings-it would reflect badly on me and my reputation would be lost (theyd think i was sieiya) i kindly asked my friend not to hang around if someone greets me, and bout 4 ppl greeted me that day, and he did as i requested, for that im grateful. do u guys see where im coming from?

    ps, my frind here was offered to model as well.
  • do you people see the mentality..the art of bromanship is gone, the respect for who someone is totally gone for the sake of one mans picture. I personally don't agree with the philosophy of GJI, because if i had a friend who had done something i didn't like..i wouldn't disregard and lower him after all his my friend, and the public may make all the impulsive assumptions they like as my friend is more important. All together this just shows the person is strong and his a true friend. Prove me wrong?
  • did i or did i not, talk to u on the fone for about an hour about the whole earing thing and at the end didnt i say that i didnt mean to degrade u, or lower u but i had to tell u how i feel bout the earings cause ur my bro??
    and if ur a tru friend ud respect wat i asked as its a simple request that will prevent alot of trouble for me, trouble that u woodnt be aware of, as u havent experianced wat its lyk to have ur reputation crushed, niether have i, but ive seen it hapn.
  • listen im willing to take my ear-rings off, but thats who im now and i'm not going to change my self for you insecurities..trouble? Follow the path of Jesus, the whole world was against him...
  • I disagree with G.J.I, I think in a way that is disrespecting your friend... I hang with many people who have earrings, but when I see a person from church, I never tell them to go and hide, or anything of that sort, actually I make them meet each other, and show that this is my friend... when I pick my friend I don’t care if he/she are wearing earrings or anything they put on, I pick them for their personality, if people don’t like them, that’s their problem, not mine.... you know in HS, I hanged out with one of the "Goth kids" but this person made me get closer to church, and to God, by what they said, and what they did... in a way they were my roll model, they viewed the "Goth look" as just a look, but that never parted them from God, or his Church.... so it doesn’t matter what the person is wearing, or what he/she chooses to look like, what matters is how the person is towards people, and towards God. And of course the PERSONALITY.

    Hope I helped....
  • ok bro be smart ok, why place urself in a situation to be a stambling block for others, by doin something sooo minute and simple, u can prevent others from gossipping and sinning, answer that for me.
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=1;threadid=886;start=0#msg15742 date=1103321369]
    (theyd think i was sieiya)

    ...yea, I know it is hard for you to understand ali, but the egyptian culture is different than that over here. many of the adults like to gossip, exaggerate, and spread rumors. i dont necessarily think it was right what george did, but you have to try and see it from his point of view although its prolly hard for u to understand the culture. george, you also should look at it from his point of would you like it if your friend as you to do that?

  • How could I be this be a stumbling block for others, if they cant control their talking then its their problem, its not my fault anymore. If they have a problem they need to deal with it... if anything you are being a stumbling block for your friend, if your friend sees you doing an action of that sort, then what would he/she think... they will probably think I am not, and will not be wanted in that place, if they ever think of coming and visiting the church... thus we are setting the church and its people as our ways and only our ways... in my church I have a few elders that wear earrings, and they are looked down upon, most of the time... is that RIGHT? No, NO, NO, NO, NO... this can never be right, who are we to say this person cant be seen by the church members or not... if the church members don’t except him, I never asked them to be his friend... so if they have a problem they need to get over it, and I know its hard, because many people in the church are close minded, and they never want to except new things...

    Now I am not saying go-ahead and pierce your ears… I am just saying that if a person chooses to do that, it’s their problem not ours…. They like it for whatever reason, and we cannot be the Judge.
  • Personally, i agree with both sides. For george, he doesnt want to hurt his friend and yet he doesnt want to destroy his reputation either and there's nothing wrong with that. I mean if an elder from church was walking by and saw me with a girl who had her tongue pierced or chin or wutever ppl pierce these days in their face for the first time outside of church, they might start to think things otherwise. Sure u kno that ur friend is nothing of the sort or newhere near there but the person walking by doesnt see that and as much as i wanna believe that people dont judge by looks, truth of the matter is....they do. So i totally see where he's coming from...
    On the other hand, i completely understand how ali feels. It's as though he's a disgrace to his friend or some sort of embaressment and thats not a good thing to feel especially with your friend. I mean if my friend was against girls wearing earrings and she said well everytime u c sum1 appraoching me, move away, I'd get a little offended too. To be honest...i think the best way to go about this situation is just to weigh things in each of ur heads first.
    Ali u should atleast take into consideration the fact that george didnt really mean to degrade u in any way shape or form and although thats hard to comprehend, thats what friendships are all about. George i think u should come up with another solution to this issue like maybe quickly introduce ur friend and leave. U dont have to stop and talk with the elder for a long time...just pass by, hi, how are u good ok great! U can even step up a little forward to the elder that way u go to them and not let them come to u if u dont want them to really notice the presence of the earring on ur friends ear. I think that as two semi-adults in a semi-true friendship, u both know each other well enough to distinguish what will and will not hurt ur feelings. Telling ur friend to move away as though u dont know each other does not solve the issue, it further delays it. And not willing to let go of the hurt in u because of such actions isnt healthy for the relationship either. The best thing u should do is sit down with each other and really listen to what u each have to say. You cant change ppl to fit ur own image or life story... even if it means a better life for them or u, thats when compromising came into affect and honestly i dont think either of u were considering each others feelings, just me me me and for a successful friendship to survive that "me" type of tension has to be set free.... Good luck guys...keep the peace! :P

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • thanx guys but ali is just mucking around, hes not bein serious he was hurt or anything, he was totally kool bout it hes just trying to make something out of nothing..
    trust me u guys woodnt know.
    and bishoy wat do u mean its not ur problem??
    if ur in a position to make someelse fall in sin and it could easily be avoided, then its a sin not to avoid it!!
    and thnx magnoona but its not all bout my reputaion it was mostly bout not letting others stumble, and yeah my rep cause u know if romours start in a church at a young age for a guy or a gal, whos gonna marry
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=1;threadid=886;start=15#msg15776 date=1103351169]
    yeah my rep cause u know if romours start in a church at a young age for a guy or a gal, whos gonna marry

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...good stuff mann

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • it doesnt matter every1 gossips, egyptians, greeks, asians, watever, all mankind cant stop it...and really u cant stop them from sinning....because if its not you who they're gossiping about its someone else....and i personally dont understand the earrings and guys...even tho its sounds sexiest...i just cuz the egyptian culture implanted that its wrong in my head but i think even if i wasnt egyptian i still wouldnt understand it cuz earrings on girls are cute but on guys not all the time, especially if they have big :) :) :)
  • i just thought of something i barely ever see any1 from my church at the mall...well nvm i do...but not
  • sum tyms i feel lyk there spyin on me i bump in to maybe 7/8
  • i always feel as tho my parents are spying on me its so i really dont care what people think of me...cuz i noe i dont do anything that disrespects my values.
  • actually i'm serious..i don't need to change myself around you to fulfil your insecurities..thanks all that contributed to this mans mistake..i hope GJI u'll learn from this and make sure you don't do the same to others..caused in general your degrading your own friend by doing this...thanks bro/sisters
  • :)

    socoolbishoy,The more I know about you the more I respect you.I admire your strong christian character.You care more about doing what's right than what people think about you.I agree with you wholeheartedly on this issue and cant really add anything that you didnt already express.Good job!

    GJI, I know where your coming from and have sympathy for your dilema,but your gonna have to make a choice sometime in the future--your friends or your reputation.You wont always be able to keep the two seperate and your bound to have further trouble in the future.It's a wonderful thing to have a good reputation but it should be based on doing what is right,walking in a Christlike manner;not based upon predjudice and cultural taboos{which sometimes have very little or no connection with christianity}.We should be more concerned with our spiritual integrity{am I acting in a way pleasing to Christ}than with the gossip ,ridicule and judgementalism of our particular community and of society at large.If your behaviour is not contrary to the teachings of Christ then why be so concerned with what your peers think?If people reject or judge your friend based on his looks or a certain style of dress, are these people acting in a Christlike manner?If not, then why are you so desperately seeking their approval in something not essential to the christian faith but rather based on personal preferences and cultural predjudice. I can understand you not wanting to cause someone to stumble in their faith because of something you do but on the other hand is hanging out with a friend who wears a earing or dresses a little different, such a grievious and unpardonable sin?Did not our Lord Jesus Christ "hang out" with taxgathers,prostitutes and other "undesirable" people.Was He afraid of the scornful rebukes and self-righteous judgements heaped upon Him by the "good church" people,the Pharisees and Scribes.Or was He not more interested in love,mercy and kindness.Was He not more interested in the inner heart rather than the outward appearance.Was He not more concerned with bringing these souls unto God?If people critizise you for the company you keep can you not explain to them that you are doing just what Jesus did?That you are trying to show your friend the love and acceptance of a true christian,that actually you are trying to bring him to Christ and His Church?After all we will never fulfill the commandment of Christ to win the world for God if we keep pushing the world away;judging,condemning and turning our self-righteous faces away from a dying,hurting, lost world.Christ came into the world and made Himself of no reputation in order to save the world.We are called to do the same.As Jesus said'"I did not come to call the rightous to repentace but the sinner".

    I just want to add one more thing.I realize the Holy Bible teaches us not to pierce or tattoo our body and that we should tell our friends that these practises are wrong but I dont think we should avoid or shun our friends or even look down upon them.We should keep loving them with the love of God, continually sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and trying to lead them towards a relationship with God but like I said we should not forget to tell them of the horrible consequences that sin can have in our life.

    God bless all, and help us do what is pleasing in His sight. :)
  • o WOW as i said be4 ALOT has been going on here and i've been missing all the fun.. i surely did not read all u guys' posts and replies but i TOTALY 100000000000% AGREE W/ BISHOY.. i too hang around ppl w/ earrings and girls too have lots of earrings lyk mayebe 3 or 4 earrings in one ear.. i really don't see the wrong part abt being seen w/ these ppl.. i mean if a person from church sees u w/ them.. they shouldn't change they're prospective on u.. i mean they kno u for who u r.. and ur part is to prove to them that ur still the same person and that ur not influenced by ur friends' action.. and u also need to prove to them that ur friend is a gr8 and woderful person.. George as much as i respect u and admire u i believe that wut u did wasn't the best action here.. i mean that was just really mean.. thats not the George i kno.. but neways thats just my stupid idiotic opinion.. i mean if i were in ur shoes iw ouldn't care if i lose a bunch of stupid ppl(who i wouldn't call true friends) who look 4 the most rediculious things (lyk earrings) and judge ppl on.. but i'd care if my friend's (who may have earrings) feelings are hurt or down bcz
    of me.. and if the ppl who talk r elders i wouldn't really care bcz they can talk all they want even when it gets to my mom i'd kno she'd stand 4 me and 4 my freind that she knows is a good peson.. u get me??
    George go 4 that modeling thing.. u'll do awesome but be sure u and ur parents r strongly okay w/ wut u'll be modeling.. okay?

    Rina ;)
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