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I have a bad case of depression from all the temptations I have fell in. How can I fight those temptations for good? I had them a while ago but then I stopped, but now Satan's wars are just too much for me too handle. And also, how do I achieve true repentance? Thank You and God Bless!


  • I believe you should seek your Father of confesssion to give you advice and help you out. I beleve you should try to pray more. Try to come closer to God. Ask Him for His hand in helping you out. Talk to Him like a friend. Tell Him all your problems. He's a great listener! Try recite some psalms and private prayers on your way to work or school etc.
    Repentence - sit alone and think to ourself the sins you do and how you can stop doing it. Its the great Lent and you have a fresh new start to it!
    May God Bless you and comfort you in your life.
    God Bless You
  • Saint Isaac the syrian said "If a man believes that he can achieve repentence without prayer, he is deceived by the devils"
    Prayer is very important; Plus for me I believe singing the tasbeha is a wonderful aid that helps me when I am tempted

    Pray for me
  • We can never truly repent, if we mean that we can try and try and try to really mean we are sorry.

    In fact repentance does not so much mean feeling sorry as changing direction. If we really mean to repent then we do not start with ourselves but we start with God. Only He can give us the grace we need to change direction. He already knows all of the wrong choices we have made, and yet He still loves us and desires better for us. It is best not to even think that we must first 'truly repent' and then we can start being spiritual. I believe this is a ruse of the enemy.

    What is required is for us to be like the Prodigal Son. At some point in his miserable existence, sitting in the pig-sty, he realised that he had made a complete mess of his life. But he did not stay in the pig-sty feeling bad, he got up and headed home. I guess he still felt bad. I am not sure that he felt he was truly repentant, he just knew that he had to go home.

    Actually this is why I love the Agpeya, because it allows us to express these feelings to God. 'I have sinned against heaven and before you, and am not worthy to be called your son/daughter'. But we are not left in such a condition, liable to despair. Which is often the case if we are trying to be truly repentant. The Agpeya lifts us up and reminds us, 'now I rely on the richness of Your never‑ending compassion. So, then, do not forsake a submissive heart which is in need of your mercy'.

    Let me encourage you to seek God, even if you do not feel truly repentant, because the only way to repent at all is not to feel sorry so much as to change our behaviour and attitude. All sin is a turning away from God, therefore true repentance is a turning back to God. Pray the Agpeya. Let it become your own prayer to God, especially the Vespers prayer. Remind yourself that you can achieve nothing in your own strength, not even repentance, and ask God for the grace to repent - but do not wait, as if it was some feeling that would descend upon you. Show that you wish to turn back to God by turning bcak to God - and the grace of the Holy Spirit will grant you all that you need.

    Say to God - I want to repent, I want to be close to you, but I can achieve nothing on my own, therefore give me all that I need to turn from sin, and when I fall, help me up and give me grace again until I become the person you created me to be.

    May God bless your desire for God, and may He reward each hesitant step homeward. Already the Father is running to meet you and embrace you.

    Father Peter
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