Nag Hammadi News Update

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Thought you'd like to know that those who originally confessed to the killing and were seen by Copts as they killed have denied any wrong doing.

But I have a question:

With a God that asks us to forgive, and a God that requires us to turn the other cheek, does it really matter if they face justice or not?!


  • Justice should be done despite the peoples forgiveness or not.

    Another thing that i wanted to comment on is "turning the other cheek"
    the prober understanding of that command is not to let the other person SIN after he already done so, considering that you'd turn the other check if he already hit you on one. 
  • Father Peter mentioned in another thread, that 'turning the other cheek' was a better way to live [if one is able to live by it].  however, seeking justice is Not wrong whatsoever!
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