Pope Peter

lol this is my third question from the book, Comparative Theology by H.H. Pope Shenouda, and i haven't even read very much! Pope Shenouda writes that Pope Peter was "the last martyr". I'm just curious, how can he be called the last martyr if there were many martyrs after him and still continue to be today?



  • Pope Peter is known as the last martyr or "seal of the martyrs" because, according to Church tradition, he was the last person martyred during the infamous reign of emperor Diocletian. This emperor was so brutal in his persecutions, that our Coptic calendar begins the year he became leader (284). There were many martyrs after this period, but he was the last of Emperor Diocletian
  • Also after his reign there was peace for a long time and King Constantine came into power and declared Christianity as the religion of his huge empire. So really before the arab conquest there were a few hundred years where there was peace.
  • He also asked this of God. When he was arrested, the Christians revolted and wanted to break down the prison walls to free him, but Pope Peter prayed asking God to allow him to die, and be the 'seal' or the last one of his people to be martyred.
  • Thank you so much for these great answers! That clears things up a lot :)

    God Bless
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