Psali Verses

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I noticed that in every Psali, the first 5 verses start with the first 5 letters of the Coptic Alphabet in order.[coptic]ABGDE[/coptic]. Was this supposed to be like this? If so why?


  • The Psali's (the majority at least) are in alphabetic order, which was a means of helping memorize the verses before books were published and such
  • Actually ALL PSALIES have to be that way. it's like the definition of a coptic psali. The only exception, or more like twisted way of the rule is some of the psalies are sorted on the alphabet the Adam Nayrouz psali.
    Another thing thing that might be a little confusing is the coptic alphabet can be sorted in 2 ways, the Greek letters and than the extra coptic letters after OR all together mixed where Alpha is the first latter and Omega is the last.

    Isn't just awesome.... :)

    and people ask why do i love our coptic church.......
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