How Come no one ever writes about food?

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I believe there should be a discussion of Egyptian Cooking and techniques to preserve this vital aspect of our lives.  A bishop was at my house and was remarking that he notices that generations that are being born in the diaspora are losing their sense for Egyptian Food.  I was wondering why one one posts any favorite recipes and advice on cooking techniques.  For example, making moulokhiya, what type of onion to use, boiling technique, etc.

Am I the only one interested in food?

Ya Ya, I know it is Lent.  I just finished a can of fava beans, but even that has technique.

Any thoughts, anyone?


  • lol... I can never guess what kinda of topic I should I expect to see before logging on here!

    but discussing how tushet el molekheya is made... it not the perfect time to think about at this time... plus many of the cooking techniques are due to the mothers' teaching... and cant forget the "nafas" lol... what we can do is share seyamy foods... there is a lot of vegan websites that have good recipes...

    I would share my techniques, because all I eat is shalawlaw... beans... and things that are simple... I don't elaborate much when i fast and have to do my own food... but my mom does wondrous foods, that are too good, you might question its fasting validity!
  • Food is a gift from God.  It should be discussed.
  • I was actually talking to this lady from church the other day. We should combine all the experience in the egyptian kitchen and make a book of 55 good recipies for the siyam, so that we can have a different meal every day during the fast  ;)
    And i guess a 50 recipies book for the days after easter isn't that bad of an idea, now that I think about it  ;D
  • hi, can i 'cheat' a little and add some recipes i invented last lent?

    they are for when 1 person only is fasting, but you can change them to make them totally fasting recipes.
    warning! they mention non-sayami food, so if yr feeling weak, don't follow the link!
  • lol mabsoota you crack me up... I love the warning!

  • ahem hos erof.. AHEM AHEM... sorry guys, im just clearing my throat :P
  • i have this frozen molokheya in my freezer... how do i make it?
  • for the non-africans/ arabs among us, this is a green vegetable that looks a bit like spinach, but tastes loads better, esp. when made by tasoni from my old church or my friend sophia, both of whom do awesome things in the kitchen. i think their secret ingredient is lots of prayer in the kitchen.
    this is my inferior recipe, as neither of them are on this site!

    get a big onion (or 2 medium ones), chop and fry it in oil with some garlic for about 10-15 mins (add 2 pieces or 'cloves' if u hang out with loads of european people, 5 pieces for a nice egyptian flavour and 8 pieces if you or your friends are from korea).
    add some spices, eg cumin, chilli, shawarma spices or whatever you like.
    add about 400g molokheya and then some water (a bit more water than molokheya, the more you use, the more it will be like soup).
    boil it all for 15 mins or so, then serve with rice, with a side salad or with turshi (pickled veg).
    (esp. for superman(bam)  ;) who likes warnings)
    this may not taste exactly as your mother makes it, i am not egyptian!  :o
  • i have a coptic cookbook! :D
  • Where did you get it from? (Coptic Cookbook)
  • St. George Coptic Orthodox Church in Campbell, CA. You used to be able to buy it online, but i don't know what happened. Here is a link with some info:

    God bless! :)

  • I came up with the easiest seyami recipe when I was bored once...

    All you need is toast bread, olives with no seeds, sliced tomatoes, finely chopped onion, diced capsicum and grated soy cheese and if you have it handy, sundried tomatos and oregano... I sometimes like to smear avocado instead of margarine when I feel like it...

    spread margarine on toast (or avocado), put tomatoes, onion, capsicum and olives and top with soy cheese, (and anything you might think would taste nice), and put it under the grill for 10 mins. take it out and they look like mini square pizzas. they are so cute. usually takes 2 slices to fill me up.

    5 mins later... Lol i just noticed the subject is Egyptian cooking.. um, maybe substitute the toast with pita bread :P

  • Hey all. I like food (sumtimes, we have a not so good working oven at home so the food sometimes gets burnt and stuff like that and sometimes my parents made the weirdest foods soo yeh i get put off hahaha) sooo. actually i was in the monastry in Sydney around a month or so ago and I found a cook book i think in Arabic i cant remember. Hey, u dont have to answer this but Mabsoota, if u aren't egyptian what are u? (i dont think i am fully egyptian tho well im also born in AUstralia so yeh and i think I am egyptian with sudanese background or the other way around i get confused and every time i ask my dad he goes on with this huge story so i just tune out and learn my lesson not to ask him. yeh sooo cya
    ohh and btw i dont know if its exactly egyptian but my granny (she is egyptain i think like full gypo) she makes a really nice macaroni dish when we go to eat at her place on a feast like xmas or sumthing ittsss soooo yuummmmyyy. Is it gypo?????
  • I wanna order some Chinese.
  • I LOVE chinese food! sounds really good. Especially that chicken teriaki with that sweet soy sause. Yum.
    Good stuff.

    Does the chips that say 'Made with real cheese' on the bag siyami or not? My friend says that all chips are seyami, but I'm really not sure.

    I really want to eat Cheetos, but I don't know if I should.... So for now I locked it up in a no touch/taste/smell/feel/see zone. LOL.

    Random, but I am in hope for the answer!
  • erm...
    cheese is not sayami.
    stuff made with cheese is also not sayami.
    by the way, tinned sardines and tahini (sesame seeds/oil), which is an ingredient of humous, contain plenty of calcium.
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=8803.msg124312#msg124312 date=1292065264]
    cheese is not sayami.
    stuff made with cheese is also not sayami.
    by the way, tinned sardines and tahini (sesame seeds/oil), which is an ingredient of humous, contain plenty of calcium.

    How about stuff made from stuff made from cheese?

    Or stuff made from stuff made from stuff made from a factory that produces cheese?
  • i <3 my Coptic cookbook! I can actually cook now! Next stop: Iron Chef!
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