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I'm sorry that I'm such a terrible person that I have to constantly bug you all with these prayer requests, but I really need them  :-[

So far this year in school, I have been extremely lazy and unmotivated, and it reflects in my semester grades, which are EXTREMELY low, and not just by Egyptian standards. They are the lowest they have ever been.

Please pray for me so that i may get back on track and climb out of the hole that i have dug myself into so that i can have a future beyond $8.75 and hour

Thank you all, and God Bless



  • May the Prayers of Our Mother the Virgin St. Mary, and the great saint with two swords St. Mercuirus be with you and assist you.
  • Why are you unmotivated?
  • i really dont know... i just kinda stopped caring :(
  • My prayer to Almighty God, is for you to have a realization to care.  May you appreciate God's care for you, and your care for yourself.

    A Good Lent!
  • Through many experiences, I found that not having a strong relationship with God is usually the case why I become lazy and deviate from my goal. I believe that the more I grow in Christ the more I become goal oriented and strive to be the best I can be.
    I am not sure if thats the case here, but I thought that would help

    Pray for me
  • [quote author=AikotiEnsok link=topic=8790.msg110249#msg110249 date=1265742018]
    i really dont know... i just kinda stopped caring :(

    Forgive me, but there is something more sinister going on, and you got to sit down with yourself or with a counselor and really find out what it is. And you got to stop acting on feelings, and start struggling along, and learn to do things just because they are right.

    If you are depressed, you are going to have see a doctor. If you are deep sin, you are going to have to see your confession father more regularly. If you have bad friends, you are going to have to cut them out.

    Take away the TV, limit the access of your internet, make your parents involved and make yourself accountable to them. If you are serious, you are going to have to make serious decisions and do serious things, for serious marks.

    Everyone here is going to pray, which is good. But unless you are willing to do something yourself, and pray yourself, it comes to your judgment. When someone went to St. Antony, "pray for me father", he replied, "pray yourself".

    GBU and be with you.
  • Rabena ma3ak!! I have exactly the same problem, this is my last year in highschool and sooo important, and I only have less then 3 months to learn and finish everything! :S Pray 4 me too, and God Blesss +
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