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I have a professor who does not allow students to record him except if the student has a specific reason. I talked to the professor telling him that I am not a good note taker asking the professor if I can record him just for individual use. He told me that it is fine and I can record him, but now my friends in class want me to give them the lecture as well. Would it be any sin if I gave my friends the lecture since i told the professor that i will only use it for individual use.


  • ya try to be honest =]
  • Thanks for answering. I just don't know how to resolve the situation without sinning. What and how should i tell my friends? If i refuse to give it to them they are going to think that i am selfish and only care about myself. They are in my same class so it is not like I am giving it to someone who did not pay for the class. Please give me your opinion on what i should do?
  • Couldn't you just ask the professor if he'd mind if you passed the recording on to some friends? If he still says no then I suppose you'd just have to apologise to your friends and tell them to go talk to the professor.
  • If I were you:

    Tell them everything you have told us and that you don't like to lie. If they hate you for that, good riddance.
  • Speak to your lecturer, and do what he says. It is his lecture.

    You cannot be held responsible for his decision.

    But perhaps approach him positively saying how much everyone enjoyed the lecture and felt that they would benefit from hearing it again. If you cannot show your lecturer that you are trustworthy in this then he will not trust you in the future, and even your friends will see that you cannot be trusted.

    Father Peter
  • Thanks to everyone who answered my question. Please pray for me that God may guide me into doing the right thing.
  • by the way lectures by the professors by law are copyrighted to him... if he finds out he can drop you from his class... initiate you to be kicked out of school... and/or if he's a jerk can go as far as suing you... be careful!
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