Confession and Repentance

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
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im doing a youth meeting service on this topic and i was wondering if anyone had deep links which have ideas, theories and just meanings of this topic. any link, video or anything that would help me out. thankyou


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  • Repentance Protopresbyter Michael Megagianni Priest Holy Church of St. George Kamara Repentance is the cornerstone of spiritual life. The recognition of our sinfulness, the pain because pikraname God, the decision for a change, and resorting to confession is the beginning of our salvation. But John the Baptist and the Lord Himself began to teach them calling to repentance. Nobody can be saved, if not repent. While only by repentance a great robber robbed even in paradise. So it is demonic error to neglect the Christians to repentance and confession. Certainly not in the case of callous allegedly did nothing sinful or those who improvise ways exomologiseos because they do not want to lose face and stole bend in the Spiritual as divine or ecclesiastical taxis down. We refer particularly when many Christians, who make do with other religious functions or a participation in missionary work or vague spiritual discussions with Elders, without any desire to "Custody streets hard. So think conquer peaks and wander into fatal impenitence ponds, anesthesia and narcissism. Ignoring us for a decisive repentance clearly demonstrated by dealing with life and the mistakes of others. There are many examples of repentance, who says St. Cyril of Jerusalem, to renew our commitment to a genuine repentance. May they help us to identify and exomologoumetha without any reservation or disguise or excuse all secret diseases, wounds and passions that prey on our soul, the purity of which shed the blood of our Lord. Let the low end we experience shame in front of the Cultural, spare us the endless embarrassment in front of people and angels terrible time of crisis. Repentance A. Awesome evil and dangerous illness of the soul is sin. The aponefronei with treachery and hand over the paralyzed in the eternal fire. But evil depends on our will. It is the fruit of our options. Terrible evil is sin, but not incurable. The easy cure repentance. While he keeps one hand in the fire certainly burned. But once the shake ceases to burn. The same happens with sin, and this is where a fire burns man. For those who do not even feel it burning or Bible says: "One should embrace the fire will not burn his clothes?". B. Sin is no enemy in fighting from the outside but evil grows and grows inside you. "See wisely and will not feel shameful desire. Remember the future crisis, and neither prostitution nor adultery, nor murder, nor to unlawful in conquest. But when we forget God, then i better start to think evil and act illegally. C. The sin pagkakistos pushing the devil. In a push, but not a sin to bore, if reaction. It can not hurt, even if years triggered if you have your heart closed. However, if no response received some bad desire, as you sow, I will capture and throw in a tank sins. 'But you might say: "I am strong in faith and not by conquest or obscene desire, though as often accept it. Ignore, it seems that the stone and sometimes even a shred root remains. Not So you accept the seed of sin because it will dissolve your faith. Eradicate the evil before flowering, perhaps indicating the beginning indolence, later punished and try the ax and fire. Make sure you treat early, when it is in principle the failure of the eye, to avoid unnecessary doctors are you doing when you are no longer blind. D. The devil sinned first and creates all the bad. I do not say so, but the Lord: 'From the very beginning the devil sins "Nobody had sinned before him. The devil sinned, but nothing compelling him, because then responsible for sin would be God. Plasthike kindly of him. Sinned but with his options and his work called devil. While it was turned into Archangel to blame, that is to slander God in the first formed, and so called devil. While still was a faithful servant of God was Satan, that enemy and opponent of God. Because the word Satan interpreted objectively, that on the contrary, that the adversary. The devil after his fall led many in the distance. He sows the sinful desires to the people below. From him comes to adultery, prostitution and any other evil. He led the forefather Adam to follow received and in exile. Because of the Adam instead of heaven, where karpoforouse uncut wonderful fruit, inherited the land, earning thorns. Q. What will happen now? Deceived and lost paradise? Is there salvation? Blinded? Did not gonna see the light? We became disabled? Did not back on track now? In a word he died? Wonder if I will not resurrected? Boy , He who raised Him from the grave four days Lazarus, has the power n 'much easier to resurrect you, where are you still alive? He who shed his blood for us, will not save us from sin? "Let apelpisthoume." Let us not sink into despair. It is terrible to lose hope synchoriseos. Anyone who does not expect salvation, sin slap happy. But anyone who hopes to it, I hasten to repent. The snake is leaving the old skin. We will not abandon the sin? The land is full of thorns, if nurtured carefully, turn to fruit. We can not be corrected? F. God is benevolent, charitable too. Why not say: "Epornefsa, emoichefsa, sinned. And not once, but many. Will they forgive me? Will they dispense with the sentence? ". Listen to what the psalmist says: "As much of the crowd christotitas you, Sir." The sins you do not win the number of the merciful I e u. The wounds you never exceed the therapeutic power. Just Surrender to Him by faith. Confess your passion. Tell and agreement with David: "Exagorefso by myself to the Lord my iniquity. We then follow what he says and then the verse: "And the agreement afikas aseveian of my heart." G. Want to know the charity of God and the size of patience? Heard what happened to Adam. Parikouse Adam the first created. God could not be delivered immediately to the death? Certainly could. What, however, the Philanthropist? Banished him from Heaven, (as it was now worthless to remain there). In places, however, inhabited opposite to that deducted from seeing and what he lost and ended up, to repent and be saved. Cain, the first man who was born, was fierce, evil inventor, leader of the envious and homicidal. Other killed while his brother was sentenced to what? "We live longer stenazontas and trembling." Terrible crime. Small but condemnation. H. Truly great is the charity shown by God to Cain. But greater is that follows: Remember the days of Noah. Sinned giants and spread over the land illegally. Punishment would be the deluge. M This threatens God. The launches but then one hundred years! You see the size of the charity of God? That achieved after a hundred years ago, she could not make it right away but extends much time of punishment to give time for repentance. If metanoousan sinners, God will not exapelye terrible just punishment. I. Let us move on and examples of sinners, saved by repentance. Perhaps some women say: "Emolyna soul and body with all kinds of debauchery. We can be saved? "Remember, woman, Raath the prostitute, and anticipated and you salvation. Because if that, who sins openly and before all, saved by repentance, you will not be saved in the same way? Asked to know how she survived. It only said: "God is your only true in heaven and on earth. From the deep sense of debauchery did not dare to say 'My God, "but said," your God ". "Clearly you have the engrapti testimony of salvation in the verse of Psalms:" Mnisthisomai Raav and Babylon, with per ginoskousi "How big is the charity of God! Mentions and the prostitute in the Bible. And it does not say simply:" Mnisthisomai Raav and Babylon, "but adds:" per ginoskousi with (who they know and love). "So there is salvation for both men and women. Salvation, which causes or repentance. I. But if a whole people sinned or not exceeding sinfulness of the charity of God. But the Jewish people in the desert of Sinai worshiped the golden calf. God has not stopped the events of the charity. The people refused to. but he did not deny himself. While loved the image, continued to save them. And not sinned then only the people. sinned with him and Aaron the Priest! As Moses said: 'and on' Aaron was unnecessary anger and edeithin Lord for it and synechorisen him God 'K. erred David. As the evening got out of bed and paced the room, looking careless and fell into sin. nekrothike but not good or disposal to recognize its mistake. has come the prophet Nathan to the control and cure trauma. A citizen told the king: "sinned and angered God against you. porfyroforos But David is not resented. It gave attention to the person the prophet, but raised the point to him who sent him. not the hardened selfishness power in both number of soldiers who had been around since brought to mind of the Lord's angelic army. Try as feeling anxious visible the Invisible. And the Prophet replied, but rather in God who sent him: "sinned before the Lord." You see the humility of the king? See the confession? Could he have been verified by anyone? Perhaps they had learned the sin of many; Rapidly sinned and immediately presented to the prophet. Once sent to the class, the culprit confessed error. And admitted because of sincere repentance, and quickly broke the therapy, forgiveness. IB. comfort the prophet Nathan to David announcement synchoriseos of God. He has not left his repentance. Instead of royal purple, dressed funeral servile bag. Instead of a gold-throne, sat in soil and stakti. And not only sat on stakti but stakti ate, and he says: "In a d p n impulses as bread e f a c a n and the poma me after crying with k t r n h n. "melted with tears his eyes, which gave rise to the syllable obscene desire:" Lucy throughout the night ekastin klinin my tears in my stromnin my rain "begged the Lords to stop fasting. But this not eroded. The whole week fasted every meal. So if a king in a way expressed repentance of, you the ordinary person would not confess; Later again when the Avesalom rebelled, and there were many other routes of escape, David chose to save leaving to the Mount of Olives, as if praying to the Redeemer, which was meant to be taken from there to the heavens. The hard fact is the circumstance Semei of abusive words escape from his lips. David but faced with the humility and patience, saying: "A f or P t with him. God allows me u b r g a t '. He knew that sins are forgiven the one who forgives others. M.. You see the benefit of exomologiseos? see that those who repent are saved? The Ahab, king of Samaria , was illegal too pagan, profitoktonos, disrespectful and unfair. But when the Queen Jezebel killed Navouthai and the prophet Elijah came and threatened him, immediately showed repentance. mangling the royal clothes and wore mourning the bag. What he said then as benevolent god to Elias? "You see the repentance of Ahab There will punish him!". forgive benevolent God Ahab, though he was destined to continue his sins. certainly not unaware of the future, but now the time of repentance, gives it accordingly forgiveness. It is characteristic of the law courts to respond appropriately to such event occurs. N.. But he was Jeroboam king sacrifices on the altar of the idol. Because order to arrest the prophet, who criticized the idolatry, his hand remained dry. Just tried the punishment of God asked the prophet: "Pray for me." Score of repentance would be treated hand. If the prophet healed Jeroboam Does Christ can save you forgiving your sins? too was a sinner and Manasseh. sawing and configuration of Isaiah. contaminated with idolatry. flooded Jerusalem with innocent blood. But when was led prisoner to Babylon, and tried to punish, rushed to treat the repentance. or Bible Says "humiliated before the Manasi the Lord and prayed. the Lord accepted his prayer and xanacharise his throne. "If he was saved by repentance is where the prophet sawn off, you, of course not sinned, yes, it will be saved? Beware, do not doubt the power of repentance. O.. The confession and the fire can be extinguished and the beasts to domestication. If in doubt, remember what happened to Ananias in Adjara and Misail inside the furnace of Babylon. How many taps they could extinguish the flame rose height sarantaennea forearms? there but rising or a huge flame, there like river poured or three new credit, there was heard the prayer of repentance: "Righteous are you, Lord, for all that allows you to suffer because we have sinned and anomisame. OR repentance dismissed the flame! Make sure than that the power goes out to the fire of hell. but you say observant reader: "God saved three people not on their repentance. but for their faith." if as there is that possibility, I'll show you another case. P. What do you think of the Nebuchadnezzar? not heard from the Bible that was harsh, cruel, unfeeling; not heard that ruined graves and exhumed bones of kings? not heard that all people dragged into captivity; not heard that blinded the king, having already forced him to the slaughter of children? not heard that crushed the Cherub; (I do not mean of course the angels not think anything like that. I mean, sculptures, covering the Ark of the Covenant, from which sounded the voice of God). But Nebuchadnezzar even the desecration of the temple veil. He took the holy censer and sent to eidoleio. He grabbed all the sacred offerings. set fire and burned the temple by foundations. How many punishments deserved to be punished one who killed the kings, who burned the holy shrines, which captured the people who put holy utensils of the temple between the images? It would be worthy to be killed a thousand times? Q. We met up here number of crimes of Nebuchadnezzar. Come and learn God's charity. He was punished by the savage king to live like a wild beast in the desert. He was punished but to save. He took nails and hair like that which has the lion before it like a lion grab the holy and screamed. ate grass like vodi, because he lived like a beast before, if unaware of the true God has entrusted to the royal office. But when the pedagogical punishments are best recognized by God and prayed and repented, then God again gave the royal office R. In Nebuchadnezzar, who sinned and repented so terrible, God gave him the forgiveness and the kingdom. If we repent and agreements and Zissis Christian, it will give you forgiveness of sins and the kingdom of heaven? charity is the Lord. quick to pardon. Slow to punishment. None So let us not despair of salvation. Peter, and top leader of the Apostles, a paidiski scared and refused three times Christ. Metamelithike but wept bitterly. The crying was an indication of a wholehearted repentance. So it did not only pardon for the refusal, and restore the Apostolic office. Ii. Having therefore, brethren, many examples of people who sinned and repented and were saved, ready yourselves to repent and to confess. "You will then receive the forgiveness of your sins and i-claimed back to inherit the kingdom of heaven along with all the saints" in Christ Jesus, as Estin and glory unto ages of ages "Amen.
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