New Coptic Website

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Hey Everyone! There is a new Coptic Website. Its called "The Coptic Orthodox Church". It has great books and amazing ringtones. It also has all of these audio files, spiritual songs and liturgies. It still is new but its still an amazing site.  Check it out:


  • Thanks Copticuser20! I liked it!

    Here's one I found...

    One of the best sites that has a whole collection of orthodox sermons about nearly every topic in the universe!

    My favourite speaker here is Father Anthony Messeh... He is great! God bless him.


    and of course...!!
  • i dunno i fyou guys know gbut i got an email that said their is this new site called (like face book for copts) THIS IS NOT RUN BY THE CHURCH... DO NOT SIGN UP AND DO NOT USE IT WE DO NOT KNOW WHO RUNS THIS SITE AND IT CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS, they pretend to be related with HG bishop Mousa, he has told us he has no part in this and to not use this site

    God Bless
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