We can beat that....

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hay yall!

i was just browsing the forums today and i noticed this at the bottom:

"Most Online Ever: 170 (June 27, 2007, 08:09:38 PM)"

me, being a very competitive person, well, [glow=red,2,300]WE CAN BEAT THAT!!!![/glow]

so i think we should organize a certain time and day for EVERYONE who can to log on at the same time!!

tell me what you think!!

ps. if your just gonna leave a comment saying "this is stupid" or something of that sort, please dont because i already know it is.... it is just for fun.... plus im not the smartest guy around :D

thanks and god bless!!! :)



  • Haha, k how about this wednesday at 5:00 eastern time, 2:00 pacific, 11:00 pm europe, midnight at egypt... i think thats all the same time lol  ::)

    does that time work with everyone?
  • *cricket*  ;D
  • [quote author=sodr2 link=topic=8751.msg109773#msg109773 date=1264872318]
    *cricket*  ;D

    do you have any better ideas Mr?
  • do you have any better ideas Mr?

    Thankfully, I have no idea sorry.

    Here, try this: http://www.nick.com/
  • works for me!
  • Umm.. I don't think it worked lol

    So much for team effort :P
  • lol..u should wait till it's summer holidays or something...
    people r busy or not in the mood lol
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