hi all i have a problem

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i met this girl on christmas night in church she is a muslim turning christian and from the start we clicked and liked each other alot.  now its only 19 days we know each other cause today is the 25th

so we liked each other alot so i know this is not right but 2 saturdays ago she kissed me and i went along with it.

her ex hurt her so bad he cursed her he threatned her and gave her alot of grief on her situation of converting cause he is a muslim.

so i tried to play super hero i called her things like baby and all these words lol.

so after she kissed me i was freaked out so i did not say anything cause i was afraid to lose her as a person in general cause of her past i felt bad for her

i did not want her to think every guy is the same so i tried to play hero so then she told me i think you are moving to fast.

so me like the zaki man i am lol told her you are just like every girl you are a heart breaker promise you wont speak to me again.

so then i said all those things the next day she blocks me of her phone but the reason this happened in the first place was cause

i was afraid to tell her hey you are moving to fast .she said things like you are sweet funny cute have the whole package.and we will know after 5 months or a year if you are the one for me and that will our wedding be big.

so it was my fault i did not say nothing cause i was afraid of hurting her cause of her past i hate to hurt people..

so after i told her all these thngs she told me i am like her ex.

the thing is i never asked her out and we were always friends i never tried to make it more but i just felt bad for her cause of her situaiton

so then i speak to abouna i tell him these things i said i want to grow with her as a friend and get to know her better cause i like this girl alot she is so nice and so smart and sweet

remember all this happened cause i was afraid to tell her all this and now like she said i can never see you more then a friend but all these things she said were no more then 4 days ago that she told me
a day before this happened she told me that she likes me and she will know with in 5 months to a year if i am the one

uggh i need help and i want to grow with her can some one help me please i spoke to abouna he said give it time

but like i cant stand myself since this happened can some one help me please i want to fix things like this is a big misunderstanding


  • Wow all this happened in 19 days! 

    It is so confusing I had to read it several times just to be able to follow the series of events and I'm still puzzled.

    So she kissed you after knowing you for basically 2 to 3 days!!! You barely even know each other.  And if she was the one that made the first move, why is she blaming you for moving too fast? I think we are missing something in this story.

    You don't want to lose her but you tell her to promise you that she will never speak to you again.
    So she blocks you off and you get mad?????

    Bigeee do you really know what you want?  You have to be honest with yourself before anyone can help you.

    You have to say what you mean and mean what you say.

    What you described in such a short period of time is not a healthy relationship between two people.

  • My friend, do you go to church to look for girls or ? I am not suggesting you do, but girl problems is what you almost always speak of here. This is of course non of my business, but it strikes me as something odd. Christian character matters a great deal and I do not think kissing ,fondling ;and so on belongs to it. If you have problems with the other gender, maybe you need to consider counselling (no pun intended).
    As a new Christian, I wish you could invest more time in reading the Holy Bible thoroughly and learn the art of meditating on our Lord Christ to strengthen your faith and let other things take their natural course with time.
    In Joshua 1:8, God says, “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success”. This is to mean that continuos medtiation on His word leads us to spiritual prosperity and success ,resulting in physical prosperity and success.

    I apologise in advance, if I wrote something that may offend you.

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