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I have mid-terms coming up.... please pray for me

thanks and god bless...



  • :o  :o  :o I HAVE A MATHEMATICS EXAM TOMORROW  :o  :o  :o

    Please pray for me (and my grades) as well.
  • May the Lord have mercy on you both and grant you peace.

    Do not neglect your studies and the Lord will bless your efforts, but even more importantly do not neglect God.

    Do not be afraid of bad grades, unless they are due to laziness.

    Success in God's eyes is not measured by qualifications at all.

    Don't let that be taken as an excuse for not doing your best. If you should be getting an A then work to get an A, but if you are a C grade student then rejoice that God has a plan for your own life to do you good and use you in his service.

    Let me say that a long time ago I was very good at English. The best in my school. I was going to take the entrance exams to go to Cambridge or Oxford. But completely unexpectedly I did not do well in my English. All my plans had to change. But looking back I wonder whether if I had gone on and done well in English I would not have considered spending three years at a Bible School training for Evangelical ministry. I would not have discovered Orthodoxy then. I would not have returned home and started investigating Orthodoxy with my Dad. I would not have met Abba Seraphim my bishop, or Father Michael, my priest. God would have been with me, but I probably would not be a Coptic Orthodox priest posting on Tasbeha.

    This is no excuse for laziness, but God's ways are not always our ways, and unexpected failure can lead to a different path we would not normally have considered.

    God bless all of you taking exams. I remember you all, known to God, when I pray.

    Father Peter
  • Thanks for the sharing story.

    Im done with this semester, thank God, and thanks for everyones prayers!
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  • :D thank you all with your prayers!! :) i fell that i did very well on my exams!!! the fact that i carried around a wooden cross and prayed before each one myself didnt hurt either :D

    thank you all so much and god bless everyone!!! :D :D :D
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