Greetings! So nice to find this forum!

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Hello All!

I come here after asking an EO friend of mine if there is a good board to learn about Orthodoxy on. He pointed me to "" (run by EO, but with a section for OO), and a link on that board pointed me to I have been here before to listen to hymns, and now I am interested to learn more about the faith. I am very much interested in the Oriental Orthodox churches, and there aren't any near me, so perhaps this is a good alternative until I can find one to visit in person.

A little bit about myself: I am Roman Catholic, although I am inactive/lapsed due to various problems I have with RC dogma that make it inadvisable to return. I was raised Presbyterian, but I left that church after some unpleasantness at an early age following the passing of my mother, and spent many years outside of any church, but still trying to communicate with God. I do not know why He is now creating in me this desire to know more about Orthodoxy, but I hope I can do that here in addition to my own private readings (I have found copies of Fr. Tadrous Malaty's "Introduction to the Coptic Orthodox Church" and a Arabic/Coptic/English translation of the Liturgy of St. Basil, both of which I read whenever I can).

I am also a graduate student in linguistics, an avid collector of music from around the world (with special interest in liturgical chant from all Christian traditions), a student of various foreign languages (it comes with the linguistics study, though I was also raised with two languages), and a long-time admirer of HH Pope Shenouda III.  ;)

I look forward to learning a lot from all of you, and participating in some friendly, interesting discussions.

Thanks for your time,

Dzheremi (because "Jeremy" is always taken...)


  • hi jeremy!
    it's great to 'see' you here, you are v welcome and you may find answers to your questions from the topics already posted.
    like you, there are several of us here who were not raised orthodox, but who found the orthodox church (or, rather, God led us here) as we were looking for a deeper knowledge of, and relationship with, God.
    in lots of the world there are orthodox churches closer than you think, so if you want to p.m. me your location (don't tell the whole world, this is a public forum!) i can see if i know anything near you.
    we have regulars here from north europe, greece, middle east, north america and other places, and often have friendly discsussions with protestants, catholics and atheists etc etc, so you can ask questions and comment here.
    i look forward to your next post  :)
    p.s. my screen name means 'happy' in arabic.
  • and a link on that board pointed me to

    Was I the one who linked this site on that board?!?!

    And of course... welcome. Christian faith is found in the church.
  • I am not sure. I do not think so. It was one of the website's administrators.

    Thank you for your welcomes, Sodr2 and Mabsoota.
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