Hey does anybody know where I can find a good version of Ainahoos that we say in 7-4?


  • uhm, are u referring to the first "mo3akab" part in the vesper praise??????????
    if yes; then follow this link:

    its the "First Iterative Interpretation (Moakkab)"
  • Mena,
    I think I know what you are talking about. We usually say it in Bergen right before ýAmdah fe Elbatool, If none of you guys heard it before, you should try, it is ýBEAUTIFUL
  • Dont think i ever heard of it, what tune does it have, and where is it written in de Kiahk psalmody??? :)
  • Its not in the small white one. It is an awsome song. In my opinion, it makes all other Kiahk songs seem childish.
  • Guys,
    I have it scanned, but it is too big to post (about 7 pages, 10.7MBs in PDF) I will try to type it and post it on the site.
  • cool tnx Coptic Boy, do u also have the audio??? I'm really curious about this madee7a?????? :D
    btw; do u happen to know if this is written in de Mu7arrak Kiahk psalmody????
  • Hos Erof,
    I do not have it in Audio
    and I know it is written in the Bani Swef kiahk Psalmody, that is where I got it from.
  • do u know what page? ;D i think i'll look up for it next saturday in church, i only have the mu7arraq psalmody at home
    what tune does it follow? is it a whole other new tune or does it look like something else?
  • It goes from page 925 to 930. and I can't think of another hymn that has the same tune. Its a bit up-beat, kinda fast. Mena, if you know another hymn that has that tune, please post.
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