what is happening to me?



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    It all started one night when i prayed at night and then completed studying and then drifted off to sleep on the bed.
    (Im at my appartment alone and im kinda new in this place) Suddenly my eyes where half open cause i could tell...i couldnt open them at all! This Black figure (like a smoke) came from the seiling to the edge of my bed...i tried to move i couldnt...i screamed out jesus several time ( i couldnt scream i was acttually muttering moaning trying to say Jesus) until i could.
    Then i was Able to move! and dark figure disappeared.

    i ran to my grandfather's house next door...spent the night there.
    im terribly frightened after what happened.
    i cant sleep in my appartment at all alone.
    i keep hearing stuff...and i never feel comfortable at all!

    I need to convince myself that i can do all things by faith. I really want to start sleepign again in my house and i want to sleep safely! what should i do guys...i look at myself as a coward in the mirror even though i pray!

    This actually sounds like the literal version of a "Night-Mare". In old times this very same thing was described, a mare would come sit on your chest, usually, and you could not move. I have had similar incidents where I woke but could not move, sleep paralysis. But there is probably something more to it. I usually take my hand cross to bed when I feel leary as if something is there with me that is not very nice and I pray the Jesus prayer. Having a Crucifix or cross of some sort directly above your bed is a big help.
  • You probably had Chinese food or something with MSG.  MSG is a neurotransmitter and it can cause havoc with the brain.  It was not SATAN.  I can guarantee you that from your description.  Read up on MSG.
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