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I'm trying out for this thing at school its the National High United Nations. We do a lot of research and go on this four day conference to New York where we kinda transform our research into a whole bunch of speeches, and its just like soooo fun and its a great opportunity! the spiritual point: This thing is very hard to get into and i'd like to ask you all to remember me in your prayers. I feel like God might not let me make it because i've been sinning a lot lately. So please please please remember me in your prayers!!!!!!


  • rabena is with you, hopefully you will do it.... if God wills, but you also should pray about it.
  • hay cremendelescremes
    dont worry ull b fine and im sure ull make it in as long as its Gods will as bishoy sed and also as he sed also rebena Ma3ak/ma3aki and i will keep u in my prayers

    Good luk
    GBU all
  • The Lord be with you, and His grace and peace.

    Even if you don't make it remember: "Thy will be done....", He knows what's good for you so relax and forget about the whole thing because if you worry about it that means you don't trust God. (God forbid)

    God Bless.

  • :)

    "Delight yourself in the LORD and He will grant you the desires of your heart".

    If the desires of your heart are not good then God will reveal that to you as well.

    It looks to me like this trip would be a great opportunity to share your faith and be a bright witness for Jesus Christ.To touch many varied and diverse groups of people with the the Gospel of Christ.Also to have alot of ;D
  • I didn't make it and i'm rly dissapointed in God actually.... i'm sorry.
  • WHY be disappointed? I am sure nothing good was gonna come out of it, for you... thus God took care of it.
  • i'm rly dissapointed in God actually

    Dont be sad. Your Father in Heaven knows all of your needs.The Heavenly Father knows how to give good gifts to His children;what they need,whats good for them.He is so wise!He knows whats best for you.You can rest assured that God loves you and only has your best interests at heart. Smile! You still have Jesus living in your heart. Your still a daughter of the great King.You have your health,family,and church.You have the assurance that God loves and cares for you and has a wonderful plan for your life.That sounds pretty good to've all been where you are;disappointed with God,not understanding His will in our lives.But we know He is good.We know we can trust Him ;to guide and lead us on this wonderful journey called life.

    God bless you cremedelescremes :)
  • No reason to be dissapointed..He knows whats best for you and this may have not been to your benefit so always remeber that he's only concerned for you. God bless.
  • the only reason you wouldnt make it is if god doesnt think its the right thing 4 u. thats wat my mum says 2 me... :)
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