Choosing food.

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Hey guys,

I'd like to know if choosing food is a sin, by saying "choosing" I mean somethings you eat and some others you don't.
And if it is a sin I'd like some ways to help me with it (Except eating these kind of food) :-\.

May God bless you all.


  • this is not a sin. GOD created the variety in food with different flavours and textures to let us enjoy them.
    you could be just a picky eater...this arises if your parents spoilt you when you were a child or let you always do things your own way so that you have come to avoid foods you didn't particularily like and now you hate them even more.

    the thing is, just make sure you're eating healthy and TRY the foods you don't normally might be that you 'think' they don't taste nice but you would actually like them!

    if it is to do with fasting..even if you're choosing between vegan /vegetarian's ok to a certain point..and it depends on how religious you want to be and how strictly you want to fast.
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