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Heres something interesting about ourban that i didn't know, you may have, but i had no idea. Yeast is put into it because yeast represents sin and Jesus Christ carried all of our sin with him. And we can't put salt on it because salt makes things taste better and God doesn't need anything to make Him improve because He's perfect. Just somethin i found cool, sorry if you think its dumb to do a whole topic about.


  • Those were some beautiful insights!Very interesting.Could you please explain to someone who is ignorant of coptic terminology...lol...what "ourban" is?Is it Holy Communion,the partaking of the Body and Blood of Jesus?
  • lol sorry!! Yeah exactly! its the body of Jesus part of the communion, and at our churches they also make more and sell it, however, the one that we have during communion was in the whole process of becoming the body, and the ones we buy are similar but they're not the actual body. Its very yummy, like puffy bread kinda lol.
  • yeah defintely; qorban is the most popular food for most copts ;D

    it actually makes a great breakfast after a liturgy lol
  • :) :) :)

    Wow! That sounds wonderful! Your church truly sounds like a great place.I hope one day to attend a coptic service and experience this firsthand.I know it would be such a blessing.Thanks guys for explaining what "ourban" means. :D :D :D
  • wow, i never knew that, that's really interesting ;D
  • yes, many mysteries in the ourban, well, back in the days they started making extra ourban for people who travel... because people would travel for days, to go to the qoudas
  • I always wondered why..thanks ;D
  • [quote author=cremedelescremes link=board=1;threadid=863;start=0#msg15237 date=1102711872]
    lol sorry!! Yeah exactly! its the body of Jesus part of the communion, and at our churches they also make more and sell it, however, the one that we have during communion was in the whole process of becoming the body, and the ones we buy are similar but they're not the actual body. Its very yummy, like puffy bread kinda lol.

    hey guys,, and gals..lol
    well abt wut u said cremedelescremes.. umm its definitly NOT THE BODY OF JESUS OR ANYTHING NEAR IT!!! i'm lyk 10000000% sure of that.. first of all ourban was just made as sumthing 4 ppl to eat after church.. plus its not prayed on or anything i mean the person who does it might sing hymns but they're not prayers.. my dad does ourban..lol.. i help sumtyms too... and if it was sumthing near Jesus' body then women won't be alowed to do it.. but they r!! my abouna's wife told me that she used to do it w/ her mom and sister.. but the accual 5,7,9.or11 ourbanas that r given to us as baraka r prayed on and only men and deacons make 'em.. plus let me add one more thing.. i saw it w/ my own eyes..lol.. well i've noticed that regular ppl ourban gets all hard and green and stuff but tghe baraka never does that.. :o.. isn't that weird??
    well i hope i didn't make things more complicated.. its just that.. i kno alot abt ourban.. almost everything!! and yes it is yummy.. my daddy is good... ;D ;D ;D

    Rina ;)
  • ourban is yummy... lol, but only when its warm. I think

    I do ourban also, but usually I do the hamal, not the regular ourban. The regular ourban, should also be prayed on... and made exactly like the hamal.... in the U.S. we never do that anymore, we do this small ourban, that gets crusty within minutes, but the hamal and the ourban should both be the same, and while doing the ourban, which is usually in ashya, vespers... they are to read and recite the appropriate psalms... also like the hamal, girls are not to even step in the kitchen while it being done… even though some girls, and ladies get in, but they shouldn’t… that is why in churches they will have a diff. Room than the kitchen for the ourban makers…. But I agree with you, in the US, we don’t respect the regular ourban, and I totally understand why… so after church I go home, make a few ourbanas and eat them… I like the big ourban, like the hamal, like they do in Egypt.
  • whoaa, thats not what i meant at all!! i meant what we have in COMMUNION is the actual body of Christ, not what we buy, i didn't know that its called something different, i mean, we call it the body but when trying to explain it to someone, i'm just not very fluent in the egyptian terminology, sorry.
  • I actually learned that the reason we make orban is that its something the church can take part in as a whole. Lyk we are all different and lead seperate lives and stuff so orban was made as a source of common interest the whole church can share with each other...that way we all have something in common.....WE ALL EAT ORBAN! lolx... :D

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • Some facts about ourban:ý

    The word ouban or "quban" means offering. It generalizes everything that we offer unto ýGod. So that means it encompasses the ones that get chosen for communion and the ones ýthat get sold outside. The ones that get chosen however we refer to them as Hamal or ýý7amal which means Lamb. Since Jesus was the Lamb of God and in the old testment, in ýthe Passover, the Jews had to sacrifice a Lamb (The whole story is in Exodus 12). since ýthat lamb symbolized Jesus.ý
    In that offering Plate, there should be either 1, 3, 5, 7, 13 Ourbanas, here is why:ý
    ý1: Because there is One God and One Jesus (not much choice there)ý
    ý3: The Holy Trinity, Jesus is one of the trinity
    ý5: There were 5 different Blood offerings in the old Testament, Since communion is also ýcalled Efkharestia, or the sacrament of thanks giving (one of the 5 offerings) So it is one ýof 5 (most common number)ý
    ý7: In the Coptic church, there are 7 Sacraments, Communion, or thanksgiving is one of 7 ýý(Another common number)ý
    ý13: Jesus and his disciples were total of 13. He is one of 13 (not so common, not sure ýwhy)ý

    The ourbana: ý
    ý1) Is round: Because Jesus said I am without beginning nor end, just like a circle.ý
    ý2) Has yeast: As mentioned above, yeast represents Sin, and Jesus carried our Sin in Him ýon the Cross. Also, because we do not want to join the Jews in their Passover as they eat ýbread without yeast. We do not want to be following their belief.ý
    ý3) Has no salt: (actually, usually sweet) Again, as cremedelescremes mentioned, Jesus ýdoes not need anything to improve taste
    ý4) Has a stamp in the middle that contains:ý
    a) 13 Crosses: 12 small and one Big in the middle symbolizing Jesus and the disciples
    b) 5 Holes: Symbolizing the 5 wounds of Jesusý
    C) Greek/Latin inscription: Saying, "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal"ý

    The Hamal (Lamb) and communion should not:ý
    ý1) be Left over night ý
    ý2) be broken by biting from it (you should break a peace by your hand first)ý
    ý3) Should be eaten alone (not with anything else or used in cooking)ý
    ý4) Dropped on the floor

    All in reference to the Lamb in Exodus.ý

    These are some facts about the Ourban in our Church. Hope it helps
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