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We, as faithful copts, know that dreams are our connection between the earthly and the heavenly. It is pretty well documented that in our church if we dream of a saint or something heavenly and they tell you something, it is most likely true or going to become true. But what if you had that dream and you were told you were gonna be 'taken away' on a certain day.....then what do you do? It happened to me and now im depressed.


  • Hey Ron-
    I dont think you should take that dream to seriously. Its probably no big deal. U were probably thinking about something around that subject before u went to sleep-and ended up getting this dream. God does have his ways of connecting with us .... but i think this was just one of thise wierd dreams we all get once in awhile. Please do not become depressd, because if this dream was real God would not want to se any of his children depressed. U r in gods faith and should always be of good cheer!
    god bless u all--mags
  • Hey man,

    I really don't understand why you are depressed. It is not my place to tell you wether this dream will happen or not, but I can tell you this. If this dream were to happen than you should not be depressed. People who dream about their deaths are very lucky and holy people. You are going to God and that is the whole point of living on earth. This is all nothing but a test preparing you for eternal life. Put it this way, wouldn't you want to know when you are dieing so you can be prepared. I mean that's the greatest gift from God. Then again maybe it's just a sign telling you to get closer to God. When you think you are going to die you try you're best to be perfect. This connects you to God more and more. Therefore whether this dream is gonna happen or not you should be thrilled! Both ways you are more lucky than any other human being. God has given you a key to open the door and walk closer and closer to him. Take advantage of this instead of dreading it. Earth cannot compare with what awaits us.

    God bless you Ron and guide you to the truth!
  • don't be depressed. Remember, God will do whats best for you AT ALL TIMES!!! perhaps He let u dream that so you could want to confess. Its a possibility and there are a lot more, but don't worry about it, just do what you can and trust God. We should all be living as if this day is our last anyway.
  • hey Ron,
    Don't worry..you are so lucky! Being with God is amazing...it's our goal on this earth. If i was you, i would be so excited...pray and know that God is always by your side no matter what
  • hey buddy, there's noooooooooooooooooooooooo..etc. reason y u shud be depressed.. wait there's more to the no than that.. way more.. i mean BEE HAPPY!! lol.. ur a woderful person.. no one really dreams of saints and stuff lyk that except 4 the wonderful ppl lyk u.. no wonder i never dreamed of a saint.. :-\
    newayzzz.. lyk others said.. umm too much to type..lol.. but ya wut they said.. umm i mean JUST HAVE FUN W/ UR LIFE!! don't think abt it tooo much.. infact don't think abt it at all.. ok so if u forget abt it then u'll go back to ur ordinary life and maybe thats not wut God wanted.. if u think abt it then u'll be all sad and grumpy and won't be able to live ur life,, thinking u'll die.. so the lil solution is to just forget abt it and move on but keep in mind that God wants u closer to him.. bcz HE LOVES UUUUUUUU!!
    DON'T WORRY U WON'T DIE!!! well u will but NOT NOW!!

    Rina ;)
  • habibi, you should never be sad of dreams, there is a lot to dreams... now should you take that dream seriously, cant tell you NO, and cant tell you YES, but what I could tell you is, confess, Pray about it, and don’t ever be depressed... I am kind of interested what day is it?

    The good thing about this dream is, you are getting depressed because you know you might die some day soon... so now you know that you are not ready to die, thus God is warning you and helping you realize that, you need to control your life more, so whenever that day comes, you go to the right place...
  • Ron,
    Your post remins me of a story I read about the desert fathers. There was this young monk in the monestary who after few months there saw a dream that he was to die the next day. He got up, told his father of confession, told his brothers the monks, etc... He Confessed, attended liturgy the next day, had communion, Basically did everything beacuse he is dieing.
    When the time came, the abott of the monestary told the monks to leave the departing monk alone after asking him to remember them in front of the throne of God.
    Later after Tasbeha that night, they saw this young monk joining them. When asked, he said, that it was a lesson from God to tell him to be prepaired. He lived for 38 years after that. He always said that he was to die the next day. That was his reminder and motiviation to lead a good monastic life.

    Just thought this may help you. Pray for us either way.
  • Coptic boy, Wow very good story, I loved it man... thanks
  • Your a very lucky person :) I guess thats all I CAN say..as everyone else said, why should you be depressed? because your going to be with Jesus now? You've got a great blessing..don't let it go
  • Hey i just wanted to say that u should be excited if this dream would be true ! If it is, then i think you should start getting ready and God might be telling you to get prepared because if this were to happen, God willing, you would want to make sure that you are close to God in every way and that you would be more careful of the sins that u make. This dream might make you become a more holy person! and it might make you more happy and full of joy with your life! God works in mysterious ways ! but they are always the right ways! and also speak to your father of confession about this! it might make you more confident! Take care and God bless you and everyone
  • No offence everybody but if this dream was to come to any of you you would be freaking out right now. Ron, pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him wether this dream was from Him or from the devil....Maybe this is a warning and is telling you to be ready so you would be prepared when He pulls you from earth. Take care and God bless you and protect you from all malice and all evil.

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