cool website

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hey moderaters i would understand if u deleted this but our church has a new forum, wellot that new but plzz check it out and sign up cuz its really slow right now but wen ppl find more ppl here the will be more active and we will be a active forum


mods plzz deleye if u dont want this


  • Wonderful, Ill try it out
  • Beshoy,ý
    Thanks for the cool website and post. Please visit our Links section and add a link to your ýsite. ý
    We at TASBEHA.ORG love to see new sites that are meant for the benefit of the Coptic ýCommunity. If you know of any of these sites, please submit a link in the links page.ý
    Keep us always in your prayers.ý
  • You gotta specify which, just kidding
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