How can I make my brother closer to God?

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When my brother was about 11 or 12, he was more religious than anyone I knew! But as he got older, he moved away from God. Hanging out with bad friends, drinking, smoking, cussing, and doing even more bad things. I've been praying for him during a long period of time, but he still hasn't changed. I need your help, PLEASE. Give me ideas that would bring him back closer to God.  :'(

[move]Thank you, and God bless you!


  • Continue your prayers with patience asking the Saints and the Archangel Michael for intersessions, also make a vow and keep it. What we cannot achieve the Lord indeed can.

    Who is Saint Monica?

    The patron saint of this committee, founded in December 2006, is Saint Monica. Without a doubt, it was her faithfulness, patience, and virtue that won the respect and favor of her violent husband, her critical mother-in-law, and her wayward son. The Lord answered her faithful and persistent prayers for her family, converting her husband, who was once pagan, abusive, and adulterous. Similarly, her son, who once followed the heresy of Manichaeism and lived in fornication, repented, turned to the Lord Jesus Christ, and became Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo.

    The big example is of St Augustine and his mother St Monica, so may be read these sites for inspiration:

  • Hi, Prayer is very important!
    Sometimes I wonder if how we approach our brothers makes a difference, too, though.

    What would Abouna recomnend? I was at a youth convention once and an Abouna said
    a little boy was asking a question his mother couldn't anwer. After three days of fasting
    and prayer, Abouna came up with an answer simple enough to convince this little boy. So,
    what would God recommend? I remember the What Would Jesus Do bracelets.

    Especially, since it is your brother involved, you know him and can influence him. You know him better than most people. Finding a way to talk to him may be all that is needed. Ask him if he is happy doing what he is doing. Don't get discouraged. Try many different things and consult more people who can help. Get the timing right; if you know he was provoked, wait till he is in
    a better frame of mind. Remember, you love him so much, and this is why you are worried and this is why you want him to become as close to God as before, who loves us. Don't worry, patience is called for. No matter, what, God will not give up! Neither will our prayers.

    God bless +
  • Thank all of you for your help, and God bless you!  :)
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