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Hey i have a problem i cant deal with... i do a specific sin (dont wann mention :P) and sed i would stop in this fsat. For the first week i did but came under intense temptation and did it a few times. Cant seem to stop... any guidance???


  • find out what causes it.... also if you fall and do the sin, get up and fight again, think of it as a boxing match, you gotta get up and fight... I believe in you man, YOU CAN DO IT
  • ive fallen too much.. help
  • "For a righteous man shall fall seven times and RISE AGAIN" Proverbs 24:16

    "Do not rejoice over me my enemy; WHEN I FALL I WILL ARISE, when i sit in darkness the Lord will be a light to me" Micah 7:8

    Anything that causes you to sin, stay away from it and avoid it. When you are tempted do the sign of the cross and pray so that God may help you overcome all temptations of the wicked one. When thoughts of temptation come to your mind, think before you act, is whatever sin i'm doing worth it? We are slaves of Christ..lets not be slaves of sin.

    Jesus loves you so so much..never give up..it doesnt matter how many times you have fallen ..just keep in mind that you have to rise up again, fight temptation as a good soldier in the army of Jesus Christ, fight till the end and dont ever stop, but remember as a soldier you must be prepared for war, or u will loose the battle, so take your armor and shield along the way, pray & read your Bible and ask for God to help you, in your distress cry out to Him.
  • Everyone will tell you this and it may seem that it's just the normal advice: Prayer does wonders. It really does. When ever I had a problem everyone always said pray, pray, pray and it didn't seem to do anything but it really does do wonders. Keep in mind that God takes time. Always pray that you may attain the strength to stand strong because only he can give you that strength. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13) I'll be sure to remeber you in my prayers. God bless.
  • i don't know if anyone said this, but talk to your father of confession, don't be afraid of what he's gonna think he's there to guide u and help u lead a spiritual life. i had a problem one time and i was scared to death to tell myFOC but after i told him,he really helped me and put me back on track.
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