Whats your fave?

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Hey for me it is a close 1, 2 with Holy Week and St. Mary Fast becuase of Nahda... wats urs?


  • Easter/Holy week, is my most favorite time of the year. Easter and Holy week should be one option together. It has the best hymns. Plus not to mention that it is the foundation of our church.
  • HOLY WEEK in da bomb, its great to stay in church for the whole week, and just chill....
  • hey i love the holly week too!! its soooo woderful AND i love "lelet aboo ghalamsees" thats the only way i kno how to say it!! lol i love staying up late when the church is all nice and quite.. no kids lol ;D

    Rina ;)
  • I LOVE the lent and holy week..they're just great :) I learn a lot at that time of year for some reason.
  • The Lent Week is my favorite week of the year, because it's just so beautiful. There is so much going on and you get to really appreciate the church. But still I gotta say I always loved Christmas the most! Something about it just grabs my attention and fulfill me. I guess it's the fact that it reminds me that if God was never born there'd be no point of life. It's just so beautiful!!! ;D
  • o i agree w/ notofthisworld too christmas is awesome!! and i also think that its bcz all the hymns and stuff r happy u kno? the deacons and abouna sings the hymns in a happy tone.. am i wrong??? it seems lyk it!! But the important and beautiful thing is that GOD IS ALWAYS THERE.. SOO THAT MAKES THE WHOLE YEAR MY FAVORITE TYM OF THE YEAR!! ;D

    AMEN, Sista
  • St. Mary's fast is my favorite time of the year..cause I love
    St. Mary a lot ( my name is Mary..!!! ;))

    and of course Holy week is great too because especially on good friday, i really feel like God loves us so much, His love is beyond what words could express, theres is no love as great as His love :)
  • hay
    yer i think that Holy or Passion week whatever u call it is the best week of the year becoz just as everyone said there are nice hymns and u get to stay late at church and i dunno u just have the best feelings and also joyous saturday is very very nice i really like it and with all this comes salvation from Jesus dying on the cross for us so i really really love easter and passion week

    GBU all
  • Well, ladies and Gents,
    It is almost impossible to pick a time of the year to be my favorite. (esp. that TASBEHA is YEAR ROUND) but If I had my chice it would be KIAHK and it starts this week, those who know me, know how much I get excited. Holy week is a very close second. But kiahk is the AWSOME (esp. in St. George and st. Shenouda, Bergen)
  • Kiahk is def awesome, man, that vesper praise that takes 3 hours is just da bomb ;D
    st mary fast is great too, because of the Nahda and the great glorification services.
    and of course the Holy Week is really nice caus of it's hymns, and the many hours spent in church

    i think the whole coptic year is just awesome :D
  • HOLY WEEK is my favorite time of year! we sing the best hymns that time of year! ;D
  • KIAHK IS #1!!!

    Especially: 7-4/ u can't get better than 7-4
  • sry i completly forgot 7-4
  • i still think holy week is the best
  • Really the best time of the year is when you fast for weeks, maybe months... and on the feast you just eat lahma, frakh... all the fitary food, so I guess the my fave time of the year is the feasts, Easter, and Christmas... and the day or two following it.
  • lol that's true ;D
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