Beware of The Music Industry(Shocker)

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Read this article.You will be amazed.

Beware of Jay-Z, Beyonce,Kanye West,Rihana,and Chris Brown. The Music Industry has gotten the world on lock down, they have some folks as slaves.That shows us that the only way to be living a sure and truthful life is to be with God always.

Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. John 17:17
But as for me, my prayer is to You,
        O LORD, in the acceptable time;
        O God, in the multitude of Your mercy,
        Hear me in the truth of Your salvation.Psalm 69:13

May God Bless


  • Shocking indeed. Most of Viligant Citizen's articles are really well done. Truly today’s pop music is filled with symbols and messages aimed to shape and mold today’s youth, unfortunately with occult meanings. This article particulary is an eye opener, thanks for sharing.
  • [quote author=LionessOfGod link=topic=8513.msg111282#msg111282 date=1267281546]
    Shocking indeed. Most of Viligant Citizen's articles are really well done. Truly today’s pop music is filled with symbols and messages aimed to shape and mold today’s youth, unfortunately with occult meanings. This article particulary is an eye opener, thanks for sharing.

    I think it is more than this.  The artists in these videos are hoping to attain a position in the army of Antichrist.  I dont know where all of you have been but the Global Economic Collapse is getting much worse.  Nations are about to default on their debt (Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain).  If any of these countries collapse Financially, that will send shockwaves throughout the world.  Interest Rates will skyrocket, food shortages, Social Unrest etc.  This is the plan.  To manufacture a worldwide Economic Crisis so that "They" will once again swoop down and save us.  Who will save us from such a great collapse?  Then the Antichrist comes out from the curtains and ushers in a New World Order with bondage and austerity for all.  Besides we are not Noblemen but tenants Yoked to the World Banking System.
  • [quote author=Thanks be to God Always link=topic=8513.msg107823#msg107823 date=1258561809]
    Read this article.You will be amazed.

    man, that is bad. usually i don't believe the hype around "so and so has occultic symbols in his music", but this is pretty clear.

    another great reason to not listen to secular music.
  • No offence to anybody but this article seems completely unconvincing to me.

    Art is meant to be interpreted, that's what students do in English class - but someone's interpretation is not evidence of anything.
    Perfect example: the VERY FIRST CLAIM the article makes:

    "Anybody vaguely familiar with occultism can easily associate the symbol of the lit torch held high to Lucifer a.k.a. the Light Bearer."

    I just watched four athletes do exactly the same thing in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. Every Easter mass, one of our deacons stands outside the Altar and does exactly the same thing with a candle. Didn't we just read in the Agpia:
    "Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house." Is the Gospel an occult text as well!?

    The author then goes on to claim that this verse is about the New World Order seizing control of the world:

    Feeling it coming in the air,
    hear the screams from everywhere,
    I’m addicted to thrill,
    Its a dangerous love affair

    This COULD be about the New World Order, or it could simply be describing the same feeling Lenin, Guevarra and Hitler felt as they led their respective rebellions. That is after all what the song is about! Then again it could be about the feeling you get as your climbing a steep slope on a roller coaster! My point is, its all up to personal interpretation! That's what art is all about, and just because the author of this article has interpreted the song that way doesn't reflect on its truth at all.

    The only point I'm making is that art is made to be interpreted but an interpretation isn't concrete evidence of anything.

  • I do agree with epchois,

    We must be careful not to become obsessed about these things. There are bad people in the music industry. Some people in the music industry may even be dominated by Satan. But many more are not. Many more are just musically skilled people making a living from the gifts God has given them.

    We do not need to see conspiracies everywhere. There are enough real issues for us to deal with.

    A faithful Christian does not feel comfortable listening to 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC, and the lifestyle and interests of Led Zeppelin may also disturb us enough to put us off enjoying their music. Much other music simply reflects the non-Christian, and secular lifestyles of their composers. This is not surprising, and Christians have to choose who they listen to.

    But as epchois points out, most of these rather hyped up exposes of the music industry and not based on reality but rather reflect the wild imaginations of their authors.

    The correct place to learn about how we deal with the culture around us is from our bishops, priests and senior deacons, not from random websites especially those which are not Orthodox.

    Father Peter
  • i like what Fr. Peter said

    why do we need to analyze everything around us and become obsessed with signs and this and that...i'm not seeing that the music industry is good or giving us a positive message. I'll i'm saying is that u should know what songs to listen to and what you shouldn't listen to-yes, to me it's that simple.

    just take a step back and not over analyze.

    hey, one question-isn't that eye in a triangle thing on the back of the dollar bill

    i don't want anyone to get mad at me or what i said, i dont mean to criticize anyone-all I'm saying is that life is too hard in it of itself to over analyze everything and make it even harder
  • We need to remember that our Fathers grew up in a time when there were many pagan cults who all used signs and symbols, but they did not become obsessed with considering them.

    If we remember the passage - Resist the devil and he will flee from you, draw near to God and he will draw near to you.

    It seems to me that the key behaviour in our Christian lives is always a drawing near to God. That is always the (positive) answer to growth in our lives. If we resist the devil in our own strength we will fail. If we spend our lives trying to always resist the devil (I mean as our main objective) then we will fail. It is by drawing near to God that we succeed and have God's strength and grace to resist the devil.

    As has just been said, it is very clear to the spiritual person what music should be listened to and what should not. Our hearts are disturbed by music that contains unsuitable lyrics or which is associated with unsuitable images in videos etc. There should certainly be mention made of unsuitable music for those who are not yet mature, but this discussion should take place naturally and in a relaxed manner in Church Bible Studies and Youth Meetings, not by becoming obsessed with signs and symbols.

    The man who runs the shop opposite me is a Hindu. There are a few Hindu references in his shop. This does not disturb me, and I do not avoid his shop. He is mistaken in his faith. I pray that God will reveal himself to him. But the signs of another religion do not disturb me as a matter of course. Now I would not particularly want to enter a Hindu temple, and I have withdrawn all of my children from visits to the places of worship of other religions because I do not believe such places are neutral. But signs and symbols on their own can cause no harm to the one who belongs to Christ. If I bought a phone made in Indian and discovered that there was a Hindu sign on it - not a picture of a god or anything - then I would not be harmed by the mere presence of a sign associated with another religion.

    I do not believe in global conspiracies. We know who is the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings. See how the heathen rage in vain. They set themselves against the Lord and his anointed. He laughs at them.

    We only have to look at the world and we see that human organisations and plans fail all the time. Obama was elected on a wave of optimism and is now less popular than Bush. Global Warming is about to destroy the planet and then it becomes clear that much of the data has been manipulated. There are no secret conspiracies because it all comes out in the end. But we like to believe in conspiracies and prophecies etc etc because it is more exciting than just getting on with prayer, fasting, study, and service.

    I was an Evangelical. I know how seductive all of these idea of being in on some secret can be. I used to believe many of them. I don't now.

    Father Peter
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