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I don't know what I did to deserve all that, things keep on happing to me and I don't know what to do. in march I got into a car accident and it cost me $3,000 and then I just got into an other one I think its going to cost me $4,000 that's not all but really bad things keep on happing to me I am starting to think that god hates me or he is mad at me or he don't like me I don't know what to think any more. what should I do or say, plzz help me guys


  • God loves you. end of story! believe me, even when it seems like things are really awful, we never know what God is actually protecting us from, and what He's going to do with our bad experiences. God loves us so much, that He's willing to take all our bad experiences, our mistakes and our weaknesses, and use them somehow to bring us closer to Him. chances are He saved you from something much worse, and now He's going to gently, and lovingly help you learn something from these situations. maybe this is a chance for you to really ask Him, talk to Him and get to know Him. perhaps this is a wake-up call, and God wants you to turn to Him! i don't know if that's what it is, but what i can say is that God loves you more than you can possibly imagine.. bad things don't happen because He's punishing us. they happen because our world is corrupt, broken, and sinful.. that's how bad things entered the world. so take this as a chance to talk to God, maybe He was waiting for a chance to talk with you too.
    God bless you
  • So many people die everyday, be thankful that even though you were in 2 accidents you are still alive. You know I got into a pretty bad car accident last March too and my car completely got destroyed. But God isnt trying to punish us like we think, personally, I had not had a shocking experience like that before, I relaized no one knows when they will die, it could be anytime, so we really have to be ready, maybe we were so far away from God and God is trying to send us a little warning. God is not mad at you and God will never stop loving you, He will love you till the end
  • Hey, hang in there! God only wants to see how much you really love him. Don't think that God hates you just because bad things may happen. Be grateful in all conditions. Just as you expect the Lord to give, expect him to take. Show Satan that you're sticking to God no matter what. God bless.
  • hey mickey, poor u.... i'm soooo sorry.. i feel sooo extreamly bad for u.. well i dunno wut to say everyone said like soo awesome stuff.. umm ok first of u shud be calm.. like listen to calm music or spritual songs to relax u.. ok now that ur cal and relaxed.. u need to understand that God doesn't "hate or dislike" u.. DON'T EVER EVER EVER SAY THAT... GOD LOVES U AND ALWAYS WILL LOVE U... i promise and cross my heart to die.. he'll never ever ever hate u.. and now that ur 10000% sure that he loves u.. u need to now kno thta God might have just been testing ur faith and like servantofjesus said he's testing ur love to him... umm i dunno wut else to tell u my friend but i don't want u thinking that God doesn't love u.. and u shud just u kno kinda let it go.. i kno its hard to not think abt all u gotta pay but just sit back and relax.. AND PRAY PRAY AND PRAY!!!! THAT THE KEY HERE aiight??

    Rina ;)
  • hey sometimes those bad things are actually for ur own good
  • you didnt do anything wrong... stuff happen, I got like lots of tickets, we both need to drive a bit more careful
  • Instead of looking at the negative side of this, why don't you look at the positive side. I know it's hard and it seems like there isn't a positive side, but put it this way. What if the person you got in a car accident with was going to do something severly harmful to someone, but because of you he wasn't able to? What if you had kept on a going and killed a family and your self in a worst car accident? What if, in the future this car accident helps you out in some way? You never really know. Just remember everything happens for a reason, and although we cannot see it all the time, we have to trust God, because he knows more than us. Thank him no matter what, because our minds cannot comprehend all the things he does for us. Would you want the money you paid back if it would take your spot in heaven away? You never know what God plans for you, but you can always be sure that he loves you and does everything for you. Just remember What If...
  • we are not meant to have a perfect life, on the contrary, we're the chosen children of Christ himself meaning we will suffer, we will be tried in our faith, and we do have to carry the cross. If God gave us perfect lives then he really wouldnt care about our love for him, I mean after all do u really think God the Almighty needs our mere love? No, but because his love for u and all of us is unconditional, he has to try u and see how much u really love him...Remember that before the gold is perfectly purified, it is tested through the flames... ;) Good luck man...and whatever happens, just smile...sounds stupid and usless but trust me whenever u find urself drowning...just smile and remember that he hasn't forgotten you! :)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • hey... things happenes ... beside... u sure u can drive? :P
    jk,... just don't worry about it ... i'll get better soon =)

    kabar wa mate2la2sh saly showaya wa mat2afelsh
    demaghak wa khaleek dayman fresh
    baba yassoa3 dayman ma3ak wa mabysebsh =)

  • WOW goddaughter ur sooo super coool!! thats soooooo incredible where do u get these stuff?? ur WOW i can't explain it..lol sorry :-\
  • ive heard this example and thought it might help there was a a man here in seattle that we used to go to skool with his kids he was supposed to fligh that same pl ne that was to hit the twin towers , but he got sik and didnt go on the plane the point im trying to make is that sumtimes bad things can happen but then GOD may have done it for ur own safty

    just thought i shoul give as they say my 2¢ cents ;D

  • I totally agree... as I said I got TICKET, trafic tickets... one of which I was going more than 100mph on a 45 zone... I am sure I was pulled over for my own good, I couldve gotten killed... or even worse I couldve killed some other driver on the road... so we do some Stupid stuff... but God (thank God) he is always here for us.

    P.s. now I play it smart... I go only 80mph...lol just kidding I went through lots of trouble, but God helped me and only got one point... so now I only go 10 over... ALL WHO COULD DRIVE DONT SPEED
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