what traditional baby gifts are good?

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a small question,
2 of my friends had babies recently, what are the traditional coptic baby gifts and what gifts do you think are the nicest or most useful? i want 2 surprise them with something small but nice.
will be less of a surprise if they are on tasbeha.org but i don't think they are...  ;)


  • Not sure cuz i've never been put in that situation lol. But a few suggestions:
    - Cross necklace or even just a small "una" (you know those things you put on necklaces)...my grandparents got me that for a gift when i was newborn
    - baby proof toys (i dont know like a rattle or something!)
    - gift certificate from toy store or baby store...
    - maybe you could find a cute Christian picture frame?

    That's all i can think of!! But I'm sure other people on here might have more experience with this kind of thing ;)
  • anyone else have any bright ideas? party is tomorrow...
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