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Hey guys!
I havent been on this thing for a while...but here I am, back and in need of some wondeful advice from my very wise and admirable brothers and sisters on :) lol. im so sapppy! but its truee =)

So we just established our first ever coptic club at my university in England, ive been elected president & am looking very forward to being a part of this. But we want our group to be more than a generic university club or merely a youth meeting.

We’re aiming for the group to have a mission. We think with CHAOS as our name (standing for, Coptic Heritage Association of Sunderland) we will have more of a presence in our campus and will attract others to ask us about our faith. It’s not so much that we’re going to start chaos...its more like our message will shake you up, it’s revolutionary!
We’re already in the process of organizing some humanitarian outings, like visiting the local seniors home to play some instruments for them, putting on little shows, reading the bible with them, etc. Many of the doctors in our church also said we can go to the sick kid’s wing of the hospital and spend some time with them...lifting their spirits and sending a message about God.

Please pray for the success of this group; that God will use us to sprend His love so everyone can experience the greatness of our God !

Our first talk is going to be about How to make a relationship with God and how to maintain it outside of our comfort zone...[glow=red,2,300]ANY ideas, suggestions, input, edifying criticism, will be very much appreciated [/glow] =)

The first talk will be targetted to our own coptic students, to encourage them to be filled with God first, so they can ultimately fill the cup of others around us. Its to help them let their light shine before men, that others may see their good works & glorify our Father in heaven!


  • Cool that sounds great!! Ooh and i love the name CHAOS
    You guys seem to be covering a lot of things for a new club...I feel there's nothing to add lol
    God be with you and make the club and your mission successful :)
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