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Hi guys,

My friend's grandpa is in the late stages of cancer and has been very weak lately, and is now in the hospital. Of course that's expected for cancer patients, but they really need prayers. It's so sad, the family is already thinking of funeral arrangements and everthing...Please keep them in your prayers. Thanks.

God bless.


  • The Lord bless them and give them peace.

    Is the family Orthodox, Christian even? Do they have hope?

    God bless them

    Father Peter
  • No they are not Orthodox, they're Protestant (Baptist i think), but very close to God.
    They have hope and trust in God, but I guess they have a feeling this is the end...
  • Death is not the end for those who believe.

    But that is what I meant. If they have hope then we can pray for them with a real sense that God will be with them and that the passing of a loved one be a matter of hope and not despair.

    For those who have no faith and no hope it is harder to pray other than for a miracle.

    Father Peter
  • Thanks Fr. Peter for the clarification :)
    In the sense you just explained, it sounds like they have no hope, but I don't know...cuz my friend prays and asks me to pray for her grandpa too...
    The funeral arrangements and all that stuff, I think it's just practical things they have to deal with...when I talked to my mom about this she said maybe the doctors told them something like he doesn't have much time left...and also everyone has their time that God appointed for them. Also he's been diagnosed with cancer for about 6 years now, but I don't know if that's considered a long time for cancer or not.
    But for me, I have no doubt that God can make a miracle for them
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