Pray for her, please.

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Hey guys,
I'm asking you to pray for a new born girl who suffers from something in her heart. And Im saying "something" because doctors don't know yet what it is... Her name is Katrin and she's about a month old now.

Im really thankful to you for listening me and helping me.

May God bless you all.


  • God be with her and bless you and everyone who cares for her.
    Rabena ma3akom
  • May the Lord have mercy upon her and grant the doctors wisdom, and her family peace.

    Through the prayers of the most pure Mother of God and Ever Virgin Mary, and the great Archangel Michael

    Father Peter
  • Thanks for your prayers guys.
    God gave the doctors' wisdom to diagnose the illness and now she's getting medicines in her bed, in her house

    Thanks you all again once more
    GLORY be to the Lord.
  • god will bless her
  • May the Lord heal her and save her with the prayers of the powerful Great Martyr physicians St Cozman, St Damien and St Panteleimon. Amen.

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