happy new year everyone...

through the grace of our Lord I was able to make a sacrifice of writing a tarneema for the new year...

The Coptic year
By Bishoy Michael

Toot baba hatoor, begins our tour
To the Coptic year, start with repentance and tears
We start with the nayrouz, where martyrs didn’t change their views
About their faith of Christ, they could not be enticed

Kiahk the month of praise, in it our hearts we raise
We sing about Saint Mary, and we become so merry
In the end Christmas comes by, our eyes look up high
Our God incarnate as a man, for His salvation plan

In toba and amsheer, the cold we fear
But have no fear, our Lord is here

We fast in bramahat, so we overcome any plot
From the devil, the prince of all evil
We call this fast Lent, in it we lament
After lent come holy week, in it we seek
Repentance and tears, as Jesus appears
On the cross with the spear, and on His cheek His tears

Now baramoda is here,  be of good cheer
Through His Resurrection, His plan is in perfection
He rose from the dead, after His blood was shed
He saved us all… so on His name let us call!

After is Pachons, in it is another chance
To praise saint Mary, the mother of Glory
The second heaven is born,  on her head the crown is worn
Let us not forget, the blessings we get
Our Lord Jesus came, and blessed Egypt’s name

Pa’ona comes along, and we remember the strong
Saint Moses the black, who repented and came back

Abib the month of Joy, we remember saint Bishoy
Who washed Christ’s feet, and his shoulder became a seat
To Christ the King of kings, the God of all things
along with the other saints, comes Isaiah the hermit
saint Marina saint Hilaria, the ascetic saint Fibronia
may our prayers, be always in their ears
remember us all, all the saints of the year

in every month, on the twelfth
we remember the head of the angels, Michael the Archangel
and the twenty first day,  we remember saint Mary
also in misra for our lady, the Theotokos saint Mary
we fast and we praise, for fifteen full days

PI Kogy En avot, the month that is very short
Also known as nassy, where you hear and see
the readings of the church, about the end of the earth
When you hear nassi is here, know the end is near
Be ready to finish the year, in God’s fear

Toot baba hatoor  kiahk baba  amshir,
Now we have learned, half of the year
Paremhat Paremouda Pashons
Now we are beginning to advance

Paona  Epip Mesra, Pi Kogi Enavot
All the months went by, and the year is very short

Now we end the year, with happiness and cheer
Because we began the year, with repentance and tears

it goes with the tune of toot baba hatoor http://www.coptichymns.net/modules.php?name=Coptic_Media&op=modload&file=index&p=Spiritual Songs/Arabic Songs/Children's_Songs_in_Arabic_-_Fr._Ibrahim_Aziz

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akhadna el baraka... neshkor Allah!


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