Bible Verse?!?!?!?!???

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hey guys i am searching for a verse in the bible i heard in a saint movie. I am not to sure wat it is in english but i will type it in arabic-english and hopefully you guys get it.
"....ma3ka la oredo shay2an 3ala el arrd" translated it somthing like "with you i have need of nothing on this earth".
Can someone plz tell me what book it is located in and what verse it would be a great help.
thanks ppl and pray for me.


  • i don't have an answer for you....sorry....i just want to take this opportunity to also ask about a verse that i heard the pope say but searched for it and couldn't find it....i think it's something that Solomon wrote because it seems very Arabic it's something like (law galast ma3 al shio7' fakon sametan, wa law sa2alook kol la a3ref" my translation of that is "if you sit with the elders keep silent, and if they ask you say 'i don't know"

    does anyone know where that is?
  • Hey Pi Onkh
    check out Psalm 73 verse 25 ;)

    the_least, there is this thing HH Pope Shenouda wrote on the 'How to behave in a discussion', it's in Arabic though.. here's the link: (see number 4)

  • Godislove260, thank you....that's why I couldn't find it in the Bible because a father said it :D
  • hey the picture they have up is in my church... I was there!

    and this quote is in the paradise of the fathers!
  • GodisLove you are a champion thanks heaps!!! :) :) What a beautiful verse!!!
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