Friendship with Saints

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I have always wondered, is friendship with Saints (especially like that of Pope Kyrillos and St. Mina) a gift from God which He grants to people that have been chosen, or is it something that develops over time??? And if so, how can one develop such a friendship ??

I don't know if there is an answer to that question, but I am sure any opinion will be beneficial.



  • I think its more of a long term kinda of thing... my relation with saint Bishoy started a few years back, but now I am sure he is the greatest for me... and that is because I learn so much from him. for the pope, its saint Antony, becuse the pope loved monastic. so a peson may choose the saint that will teach him/her the most, and can relate most with. I dont know only my thoughts... I could for sure be corrected..
  • You are absolutely correct, everyone chooses the Saint they can relate to the most.

    However, I was thinking of the more extreme friendship where the person feels like they are living with the Saint. In the case of Pope Kyrillos, he actually talked to St. Mina almost everyday, and interacted with him as if St. Mina was living with him in the body.
    Do you see where I am going??
  • RG,
    You bring up an interesting topic. I defently agree with Bishoy about choosing the saint and that fact that it take alot of time for that relationship to develop. I think Pope Kyrolos reached a very high spiritual stature for him to be able to sit and talk with St. Mina. This is more like Friendship between saints.
    But it must have started at one point but simply asking his intersession all the time, etc... Basically see what you do with your friends here and do the same with your saint. For example, you talk to your friends several times a day, etc... do the same with your saint. Talk to him/her. If you ever faced with a problem or a situation, present it with him/her or discuss it with him/her. Start building your relationship that way. I understand its hard because you will feel its a one way conversation, but yo have to start somewhere.
    I hope this helps
  • Coptic Boy,

    your answer is very helpful and convincing. You're right, the friendship of Pope Kyrillos with St. Mina was a friendship between Saints and also it must have started as a simple prayer and asking for intercession.

    I think sometimes we only see the end results of the Saints lives, and we think how can we ever reach these levels, but we never think about the small steps that they have taken throughout their lives that led them to these levels.

    Thanks for the response Coptic Boy, I like it very much.
  • aiight i agree w/ all of wut u guys said but i'd like to clear everything up.. ok wut everyone said was that u have to reach a very high spirtual level like u said RG and that u gotta be like a saint in order to talk to a saint.. which also means u can try to be like that saint.. and that should get u closer to him and to how he lived, suffered, etc.
    and u have to understand that THE POPE was friends w/ a saint and could accually talk to him so put in mind that it takes ALOT of work.. but w/ God everything is possible..
    GOOD LUCK!! and PRAY 4 ur lil sis here

    Rina ;)
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