Book link: Practical Spirituality according the the desert fathers!!!!!!

+There is a book from St Shenouda the Archimandrite monastery in Sydney called "Practical Spirituality according to the desert fathers" by Heg. Fr. Athanasius Iskander
anyways..its review and how the cover looks like is in this site >>


the book says near the end of the introduction:
"A word of caution to our readers: this book is not intended to be a “do
it yourself manual” for spirituality. So, before you start to apply what is
written, please consult your father in confession. Some of the exercises
may not be suitable for you, and only your father in confession can give
you the right advise in this regard."


  • Fantastic book. Practical solutions/answers to problems/questions that youth and adults alike face on a daily basis.  Highly recommended. 
  • Great .pdf, I had seen these articles before on, but now they are combined neatly in a .pdf.
    Great stuff for personal use and as a source for service ;)
  • A FANTASTIC book i highly recomend to all. i have read it a few times and as the title says it is practical!!! :)
  • thanks :) :)
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