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Hey guys,
i have heard that catholic women (im not sure if its only married women) can not take birth control pills...why is that??

also i was watching GH...lol...it wasnt really or anything but this man's daughter needed a bone marrow transplant and couldnt find a donor....but the man's pregnant girlfriend...i noe that sounds really bad but thats not the point....lol...had a still birth...and the man's daughter last hope was using the stem cell's from the baby's umbilical cord....would that be considered against our religion???

i noe im a bit random...lol.. :) :) :)


  • Yea catholics r going out of hand i had to go to a catholic skool in the 5th grade and the priest had a earing and died his hair blonde and wears bell bottoms :o , Im sorry arubaiscrazy im not so sure about the answer to the question sorry ???

  • Hey Everyone!
    Actually, Catholicism isn't what you may seem to see. I'm Orthodox, but i have always gone to catholic schools. When you read books in religion, you notice that they are pretty close, or the closest you can get to Orthodoxy. I mean, that it seems so "loose" because people choose to be like that. Again, not all Christians follow God. Christianity is not a word, but a life. So, they get more freedom, because they choose to get that freedom and not live like Christ wants us to live. This isn't just the case for Catholics, but for everyone. We can't judge a priest by his clothing, or way of talking, with all respect to the person that quoted that the priest died his hair. It's probably a way of grabbing Youth's attention, so they may listen to what he has to say, and thus, bringing them to our Savior. Also, it shouldn't concern us what others do, but what we do. i'm sure that this priest is a man of God, since he chose to give up marriage and chose priesthood.
    Answering the question about Pills, NO CHRISTIAN SHOULD USE THOSE PILLS. They are a way saying to God, " Thanks for the gift of Life, but we don't want it."

    People that have Sexual intercource, first of all must be married. It's not ok for a teenager to use those pills so that she commits the sin and then, not pay for the price. If the pills are used in a married woman's life, it's also still wrong. If she doesn't want to get pregnant, then she should see her cycle and see the days that would be suitable for her to have sexual intercource and not get pregnant. If she's not sure, then she should ask a doctor.
    But things like pills, or condoms or the like, are not allowed for any christian to use, not just catholics.

    +God bless You+
  • About the bone narrow Transplant, if it's for the cause of saving a life, i think it's ok, as long as the young fetus is not going to get hurt or die for the sake of the other girl. If the baby will die because of this, then there's no need to try to kill him/her. They should try to find another method.
    +God Bless You+
  • i understand what you are trying to say about catholics...and i wasnt to make it sound that we are better than them....because we are all sinners....but its been easy to notice how destructive them have been....there have been priest that have molested children...you cant tell me that is a person that is holy....
    and with the birth pills...im too sure that im 100% with them not being able to take them....i understand that being able to give birth is a blessing....but some people arent ready when they are married....and even tho there may be other options...i think the most certain one is using the pill....its not like your killing a baby or anything...and i do understand that other women dont have this privilege of giving birth...but wut if a mother got pregnant and decided to get an abortion...not that im necessarily talking about a christian woman....isnt it better for her to be on the pill...because people arent as careful as we would like to think??
  • ok not that i'm planning to do any of this now but someone from my church who i completely trust and is married and talks to abouna and stuff, said that condoms are ok. I'm not sure about the pills but condoms are ok. Sex is God's wedding gift to you when you get married. Its not something just for when you want to have kids. Its just not supposed to take over your life. Thats why the couple has to be very close to God. Things like the morning after pill are of course and obviously very very WRONG!! Another thing, since it was taken from the umbilical cord i think even if the baby was alive, its still ok. Doctors are finding that a lot of lives can be saved from the cells of the umbilical cord and i think its definitely something that should be saved somewhere because it could save the life of your child or a family member later on in life.
  • i agree with you :) :)
  • Condoms are allowed in the Orthodox Church but not in the Catholic Church; I know this for a fact (Check the forums on http://www.coptichymns.net/). I'm not sure if Birth Pills are allowed or not; I blieve that they are not allowed,
  • hello there moomoo,
    im a gr8 member of coptichymns....lol
    ok i just wanna know...what is the thread called?or what is the link..if u can paste it here!?
    ok sanks
  • For married couples, birth controls methods are accepted in the Coptic Church as long as they don't interfere with the pregnancy after conception. For us, anything after conception is considered an abortion which the church completely stands against.
  • so is birth pills against the Catholic Church because they believe its against God's will??
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